Toffee Me

I’m not really the make up kind of girl.

Oh well, I did help myself with Mama’s make up kit when I was little. I grew up with the 80’s kind of make up all the way to the 90’s dark-lipped style. I’ve tried lip gloss in high school. I love strawberry variants but ended up licking my lips thus, making them even drier. In college, I tried all sorts of pressed powders but none really caught my fancy. A friend in law school did buy for me a purse good enough to be a¬†kikay kit.¬†However,¬†loose powder was still my preferred anti-shine armor.

When I got me a job, I began to be more conscious of my appearance. I had to face clients every day ranging from lawyers to laborers, judges and just about anyone. I always had to look prim, perfect, and proper each time.

That began my journey into make up. Not full-blown make up though. I’m more into that type which just accentuates my assets, leaves my face shine-free, and makes me look polished under all circumstances.Just powder, mascara, and lip balm. Simple, right?

Since I have sensitive/ asthmatic skin, I had to try different products in the market just so I could find that range which suits my skin type best. And so I found Human Heart Nature. I love Human Heart Nature products!

I tried their Mineral Pressed Powder.

I have used up everything already so I’m lemming to their Mineral Foundation for a more lasting coverage.

You see, Sis Ellen and I were talking about venturing to be dealers of Human Heart Nature products. We then talked (and raved) about how good their products are like the sunflower oil, pressed powder, deodorant, and lip balm. She said that she was using the mineral foundation instead of the pressed powder since the former had more lasting power than the latter.

That made me think, really. Although the mineral foundation was a bit pricier than the pressed powder, the promise of a lasting coverage made me think twice about purchasing a refill of the pressed powder. So I told myself that instead of a refill, I’ll buy myself a new mineral foundation and see how it works on me. ūüôā

So today, I dropped by at the Human Heart Nature dealer store in Naga and purchased my very first mineral foundation.

 I was smiling from ear to ear as the saleslady wrapped my loot in their exclusive paper bag. I even skipped my way out of the door, and whistled a tune as I waited for a ride to take me home. Haha
I even found a tutorial from their Facebook page on how to use the Toffee Mineral Foundation as bronzer for fair-skinned Pinays I assume:

With my new stash, I will be one toughie in toffee. Get that? Hihihi.

So you, make up and nature-lovers out there. Why not try products from Human Nature? Visit their website and follow them on Twitter for more updates. 

Be like me. Pinay and proud!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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