Retweeted by B

Today, I was on a usual Twitter timeline frenzy: checking tweets from my timeline.
@iamsuperbianca tweeted this:

I tweeted her back and said this in reply:

I was content that I was able to think of a reply to her query.
I went on with my day and checked other tweets from those I follow.
A few hours later, I opened my mail and got the biggest surprise of my life.

I checked my Twitter Connect option to check if it’s true.

It’s true!!

Wuhoooooooo! Again, wuhooooo!
Bianca Gonzalez noticed my tweet and retweeted me to her two million plus followers!!!
This is amazing!

Finally, she noticed me. 
I have been replying to some her tweets in the past few years that I have been following her but the nearest I could get to be noticed by her was to be “favorited” by her.
(Uhm, wait she REPLIED na to me pala just last Friday!)
And today, she retweeted me. Get that? She RETWEETED me to her followers.

This is so sweet!
I’m gonna get a Close Up White Now in my next toothpaste purchase. Hahaha.

Thank you, Universe.
You granted my wish to be retweeted by B.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Happy, Thank You, More Please!


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