My, my, Emoji Keyboard

Long have I wondered about how other individuals are able to ad emoticons to their a twitter feeds.

I abuse emoticons much. Ugh, yes. Especially when I used to be on Yahoo! Messenger al the time.
My icons were mostly these —


I’m limited to these three.
So I often asked myself how these people had colorful smileys on their posts,
while mine was in black and white and well, composed only of punctuation marks.
Today, I discovered how they do it!
I tapped on the Safari icon on my iPad home page and typed on “emoticons for twitter on iPad.”
Voila, the WikiAnswer lay before my very eyes.

I could only laugh at myself.
Hahaha. But, thank you to technology.
I’ll be able to add more color to my tweets and messages with the Emoji keyboard.
Just like these:

And so much more.

Happy, Thank You, More Please!


Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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