Rina Designs

I have this deep love for anything crafty.
That’s why I love Rina Designs.

I actually hoarded several memo pads made by her while I was still working in Manila.
The items were on sale at Powerbooks-Trinoma and I went back several times to collect all the designs that were on sale. Talk about hoarding!

I have good news: Rina Design items are on sale.
The bad news (for me) is, the sale is only on Facebook.

Maybe the sale being on Facebook only is still good news for me.
I still have my memo pads and most of them are still stuck in their plastics, unused.
What would I do with new pads? Hahaha.
But yeah, one day, I’ll have my Rina Designs pad/ notebooks/ everything again.

For more details about Rina Designs, read on:

I am grateful that even before Rina Albert- Llamas went into full swing retail of her high-end pads, I am one of those who first got to know her work and fell in love with them.
It is such an honor. šŸ™‚

Happy, Thank You, More Please!


Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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