My Third Summer Samples Set from Sampleroom

I got these goodies for my third set of Summer Samples from

I’ve been wanting to try this exfoliator that Animetric raved about in her blog. Since the day I read it, I cannot take it out of my mind. I wanted to call my friend in Manila to buy one for me but as of the moment, one full bottle is just beyond my budget. So, grabbing these samples really made my day!

I also wanted to try this body lotion so I clicked on the “Get a Sample”button. Given the price of a full-sized bottle, I think this one should prove to be one great product. I have yet to prove (pardon the pun) that myself once I get my hands on my sample bottle. 🙂

Since I got the capsule variant last time, I’m going for the husk variant this time. My brother raved about the capsules I asked him to try. But he kept on telling me that the husk variant had a better effect on him. So one these 12 packs arrive, I’ll hand it over to him.
Now, since I was able to grab my own samples of the Cure Aqua Gel, I’m gonna get ready to join this challenge. I’m taking note of the mechanics. Hihihi 🙂
Oooooh, I can’t wait!
Thank you, sampleroom.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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