Sample Room: My Third Wave

On to my third wave now…

Whoops, I haven’t made good that Twitter promise. Ahihi. Pardon me. But, here it is —

Out of all the excitement to try the freebies I got, I failed to take a picture of them three (3). Ack, my bad. It won’t happen again.

I was just too overwhelmed to receive my orders mainly because I got three (3) this time. Normally, my Sample Room points would only allow me to test-run two products. So yeah, I got too happy and immediately went on a sampling spree. Hihi.
What’s more, Mom kinda got worried because the package that came was differently packaged (pardon the repetition). This time, the samples were wrapped in bubble wrap alright. But the bubble wrap was double-wrapped with a carton paper, and triple wrapped with several rolls of packaging tape. To Mama’s mind, it seemed as if the package addressed to me was contraband. What worried Mama more was that, the package had no indication “From Whom” it came from.
I, too, felt a bit worried. Ok, scared. When I pressed on through the package, it felt really hard. I had to make use of our giant home scissors just to cut through the triple-packaging. I was imagining things in my head — what if I were made a drug mule? Like the ones I see on TV? I’m busted!  

I breathed a sigh of relief when I was able to finally open the package: it happened to be my third wave of samples from Sample Room. I got this goodies pictured below

I got a 30-gram sample bar of Mir and Ryvi Lightening Papaya Soap. I got tricked on this one. I failed my resolution nos. 1 and 3. That is, to get full-sized samples only and to practice my reading and comprehension at full speed. Probably because I was hungry while browsing, I immediately clicked the “Get Sample’ button without realizing it was only a sample bar.
Anyhoo, I test-ran the soap and here’s my review:
I’ve been using the soap for almost a week. I stopped though, since I felt that my skin is being stripped off of moisture. It does cleanse the skin, removing outer layer dead skin. But since I have dry skin, all the cleansing is seeping my skin dry. Although I love how it makes me skin smooth, I have to beg off since I wouldn’t want to sacrifice my skin being dry and flaky. Maybe the soap works best for other ladies with a different skin type. Sadly, the soap is not meant for me. I would recommend it to my oily skin friends, though.
I didn’t push myself to finish the sample bar lest I’d fall victim to having super dry skin during the whole period of my sampling experience. I guess cold-pressed soaps aren’t really for me and my skin type.
I was very delighted, though, that I was able to get a 125 ml (full size) sample of Moringa-02 Malunggay Herbal Moisturizing Lotion. I’m super loving it. It’s always in my bag wherever I go!
I’m soooooooooo loving this lotion! You bet I really am!! It’s working perfectly for my skin. My skin is super moisturized all day, until before I sleep at night. I’m raving about it and am telling my friends about this wonder lotion. I likewise love how it smells — so luxurious. It feels as though I just got out of one of those 5-star spas. I feel so refreshed and invigorated even by just smelling it. I love its consistency, too. It’s easily absorbed by the skin, so not much downtime after application is necessary. Once my sample (full) bottle is up, I’ll buy another bottle myself. 🙂
The bottle’s almost used up since I use it every single day. :))
As a bonus, I was able to get a 1.2 ml sample of United Colors of Benetton Let’s Move For Men.
Since it’s a scent for men, I gave the sample to my brother. What I observed is its strong smell. The scent reached my nose as soon as I opened the package of samples I got. It has actually infected the other samples with its strong masculine scent. My brother pumped it just once on his neck but the smell held on to his skin all day, until night time came, and even until he took his shirt off for the night. The scent is too masculine for my taste, er nose. But my brother plans to use the sample to the last drop. I just don’t know whether he’ll buy a full bottle for himself.
I’m so grateful that through Sample Room, I am able to try products without much cost. I just hope the try-before-you-buy wave would create a ripple in the over-the-counter industry. Or perhaps, make huge waves and create a tsunami that would sweep consumers off their feet. Hahaha.
I’m super duper happy with my samples.I can’t wait to tell you about my fourth wave of samples. :))
Just you wait.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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