Sample Room: My Second Wave

After my first experience with Sample Room, I resolved three (3) things:

1. Before I hit the “Get Sample” button, I will have to check first if it is a full-sized sample;
2. I should keep my GCash wallet with enough money credit; and
3. I am inclined to practice my reading and comprehension skills at the fastest rate that I can.

I must tell you why —

First, I live outside Metro Manila. So, I shell out PhP 130.00 shipping and PhP 10.00 GCash transaction fees every time I place my order at Sample Room. I will have true value for my money if I get samples which are worth more than the cost of shipping. And boy, I’m so glad that that, lately, the team behind Sample Room are giving away samples which are full-sized. That makes transactions with Sample Room using my hard-earned money soooo sulit.Thank you! 🙂

Second, the samples at Sample Room are oh-so-irresistible! My GCash wallet should always have ready credit since once ordered, the products you clicked will only be reserved under your account for the next twenty-four (24) hours. Given the woozy busy office life, there is that tendency that payment of the products ordered would slip off your mind. Oooops. I cannot let that happen. No, no, no!

Third, samples run out really fast. Like once its posted and while you’re reading the descriptions of the products that caught your fancy, you hear a swish and a wooosh in the background. And well, the samples you’re eyeing are gone. Snap! Like that. Waiting for refills and restocks stresses me out. I don’t wanna go through the dilemma again. So. I’m really practicing to read and comprehend at full speed. 🙂

Now, after keeping my resolution strong, I’m back to my sampling experience. Since my first wave, I have received my second and third wave already. Teehee. I haven’t been telling you about it here on my blog. But really, I’m having so much fun trying my samples. Especially since the dibs I get come right when I need them the most. You’ll understand what I mean later 😉

My second wave of samples came just in time after the New Year

Here’s what I got:

I got full sizes!! Yahoo! See, see? My strong resolve paid off 🙂
I got me Celeteque Dermo Science Restorative Ultra-Lifting Concentrated Serum (30 ml priced at PhP 899.00).
My review at Sample Room went like this:
I used the Serum for almost two weeks, regularly day and night. Unlike other serums I previously tried, this one has a clear, gel-like consistency. And surprisingly, it dries up very fast. I dotted it underneath my eyes to ‘lift’ the fine lines I have accumulated through several years of rubbing, fully unaware that the motion damages the thinnest part of the face. I felt a slight tingling sensation when I’d apply it, but it goes away just as soon as I felt it. I love that it does not sting my peepers unlike the ones I already tried. So far, I have yet to experience that ‘lifting effect’ it promises. I also applied it on my neck and noticed that my skin has become smooth, really. The bottle will last me for more than a month, and when I finally notice that the ‘lifting effect’ promise has been delivered, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy my own bottle of the serum.
After posting my review, I religiously and continuously applied the Serum. I’m getting results. And yes, I’ll use it to the last drop. 🙂
I also got a tube of Gluta-C Intense Whitening Underarm and Bikini Skin Whitening Gel (20 ml priced at PhP 199.75)
I don’t know what happened but when the chilly holiday weather came in, I developed rashes in my underarm area. It was like I was shedding or something. My underarm felt itchy and I was forced to stop the Sunflower deodorant I was wearing. It was very timely that the Gluta-C Whitening Gel was made available for sampling by Sample Room. 
I let my underarm area breathe for about a week — I didn’t apply anything on it. I just cleansed it well with soap and water during my bath. When the sample came, I slathered the Gel in my underarm area. 
Since applying the Gel, my underarm has never felt better! Although the chicken skin is still there (due to friction from regular shaving), the area feels much softer now. I am actually relieved that the rashes have disappeared and the skin looks much lighter now. As I said in my Sample Room review:
I have been religiously applying the gel on my pits every morning after my shower. For the past week of application, I noticed that my chicken skin has been kept to a minimum. Also, I noted that my ua hair has grown with much less speed than before. I intend to apply it, too at night so that the lightening effect will be much more visible to the eye. I’d gladly buy my next tube! 🙂
I didn’t take before and after pictures because I would like to invoke my right against self-incrimination. You know what I mean. Hahaha. ;p
So true to my resolution, I got full sizes of my December-January dibs. What’s more, my third wave came soon after I got results for the Serum and the Gel. I’m one happy girl 🙂
Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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