Summer? Let’s Sagada

I remember having been interviewed for an exchange program, “What particular place in the Philippines would you like to visit?” Without batting an eyelash, my answer came out of my mouth almost immediately: Sagada.

I did see the eyes of the panel light up and intently looked at me. Why not Boracay? Bohol? What’s with Sagada that you’d like to see? The hanging coffins, I said.

Photo copyright by Claire Reborar

This rather ancient method of burying the dead, uninfluenced by our conquistadores really make me curious to bits. It’s one of the few untouched landscapes of our rich culture. I want to see them with my very own eyes and perhaps have an glimpse of history unfold right before me.

I told the panel that I also would like to see God’s handiwork through the hands of our Igorot ancestors: The Rice Terraces of the Cordilleras.

Photo copyright by Bong
The lush greens of the terraces reflect how our forefathers took good care of what Mother Nature gave to them. Our country being primarily an agricultural one, our ancestors saw to it that they made good of their resources. They were very good stewards, indeed. And the nature-lover that I am, I would like to experience and go smell the greens — just be one with nature.
I did get a slot for the Exchange Program and almost did sail with the Ship. And yes, my heart still long for Sagada. 
Since that fateful day of the interview, I’ve been filling my self with pictures and have immersed myself with magazine articles, blogs, and personal experiences of my friends. From all these information, all the more am I inclined to take my happy stomping feet to Sagada:

1. I surmise that it takes a whole deal of walking and trekking by foot. My first (and last) climb was the peak of Mt. Isarog in 2005. Since then, I’ve been wanting to take another hike and conquer a literal mountain. 
2. Some people I know who are much older (and much more mahinhin and maarte) than I am have done it. With my present state of physical health, why not? I’m healthy as a horse, not to mention one heck of a koboy, too!

3. It has been my dream to travel to each and every region of the Philippines. My personal travel map is still barren, though with some dots scattered here and there. With that, I would like to begin from the topmost region of our dear Philippine islands. I haven’t been to the Cordilleras. Uhm, ok. I’ve only been to Baguio. Once. I was a Sophomore Girl Scout then and Baguio was still part of Region I. That’s what I learned in HeKaSi/ Social Studies/ Sibika. So technically, I haven’t been to any town in the Cordillera Autonomous Region. 
4. I love the outdoors and travelling to uncharted territories refresh my heart, mind, and soul. I would like to have that taste of heaven in Sagada. Perhaps, walk in the clouds, get dirty in the mud, and endure my migraine in the ensuing zig-zag roads and expected bumpy rides. I will survive all these. Just thinking about it makes my heart flutter. 🙂
I’m keeping this map handy when finally,  my dream to trek Sagada comes true. 

At the end of the Exchange Program, I met a new friend who shared my passion to take the road leading to Sagada. We’ve been planning it for months now and it has yet to come true. The perfect timing will come. It will come!
Sagada has been sitting in my dream board and bucket list for so long. I think it’s about time I should make that trip. 
I will have my share and taste of Sagada heaven. Let’s go! 🙂
Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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