BDJ Box Beauty Soiree

I was there! 🙂

Patsi and I took a cab from Socorro, Cubao to where Eastwood Mall was. We were at the venue at 10:00 a.m. There were no participants yet but the BDJ Team was up and ready for the event. The tarps, the chairs and the beauty counters have all been set up.

by the hallway: entrance to the Soiree

make up counter

full length light-infused mirror:
I wish we have this at home

soft lounge chairs while you wait

just before the event started: chairs for every Bella
I was the earliest bird, err, participant of the event! I was the first to regsiter for the first session. After signing the registration list, I chose my seat and sat rather comfortably in one of the chairs, with my pen and paper ready for all the note-taking. A BDJ Team staff member approached me and said he and hello and welcome. I was an early bird daw and it meant something really good. I was psyched! 🙂 
I told her I have just arrived that morning just to purposely attend the event. She said that they will make sure that the sessions will be sulit with the matching thumbs up sign. 🙂

One of the first to try the photo tarp 🙂
Other girls began streaming in and the chairs were filled up one by one. Then, the first session started.
Karen Bodador was the emcee. We were introduced to Shiseido Philippines’ make up training specialist who was the speaker for all the sessions of the whole day affair. She showed us Shiseido’s almighty concealer brush which was imitated but never equaled. Haha.
She pointed out the importance of a cleansed face before putting on make up. And in putting on your base/ foundation, you have to do it in a patting motion. So, pat-pat-pat. Not scrub, scrub scrub. In blending, you do it with tiny circular motions  naman.

After her fist demo, I volunteered to be “put on.” Half of my face was done by the assistant make up artist, while the other half was made up by another Bella participant. When the session ended, the volunteering participants were given loot bags from Shiseido. Wow! 🙂

Here are some pics I took during the event which I likewise posted on Instagram.

Fun, fun, fun: by the photo wall, during one of the sessions, and after receiving my certificate

Free make over: during and after look 🙂

Starstruck: With Ms. Darlyn Ty, BDJ’s main woman

The BDJ Beauty Soiree is part of BDJ’s Passion Series. It’s a first for me. I did have fun. And am now looking forward to other (and more events) hosted by the ever gracious Belle de Jour Team.

Happy, thank you, more please. :))

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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