Meet and Greet David Pomeranz

I got to meet Mr. David Pomeranz.
In the flesh.
Oh yes I did.

You remember the day I met with Maestro Pancho Piano? On that same day and instance, I met with Sir David Pomeranz. 🙂
With Sir Pancho done with his sketch for David,
we were all set to meet with him. Before he came down from his room, I asked David’s handler if I could ask David to sign messages for Doc Eileen and I. He said yes, as David was very accommodating. My heart fluttered with the positive response.

At nearly 3:00 pm, David was at the lobby of the Avenue Plaza Hote. With the sketch on one hand and my paper board on the other, I hurriedly walked my way from the Plaza Azuela to the lobby. The staff including myself went gaga over him.

He was right in front of me!!!

I took my signal from David’s handler and excused myself,

Me: Hi David! Can I have your autograph, please? It’s my birthday tomorrow.
David: Sure, sure. Happy birthday!
Me: Thank you!
David: So what’s your name?
Me: Ivy.
David: I-V-Y?
Me: Yes, I-V-Y.
David: Here you go.

I asked the front desk staff to take a picture of us. Here is:

When he was done with my request, I asked him for another autograph for Doc Eileen who couldn’t make it to the despedida meet and greet. I stuttered as I tried to spell Doc Eileen’s name to David. Ack! Kasupog. And then I asked for another picture.

A more relaxed David here.

After me, he signed other things: posters, calendars, CDs, etc. At last, it was time to say goodbye. He bid as farewell. He reached out his hand to me, we shook hands. I shook hands with David Pomeranz!!!!

And that was how I met THE David Pomeranz. In the flesh. Oh, yes I did. 🙂
Although my ticket to his concert was the cheaper option at PhP 1k, although my seat to his concert was at a spot where I could barely see him, I was able to make a good look at him.
I thought the best thing happened when I was  able to pass through the dividing line between the 5k and 1k ticket holders undetected. I thought the best things happened when I was able to take pictures of him and me — me on the foreground and him at the background. I thought the best had happened.
But look, the Universe moved people, places, time, instances just so I could meet David Pomeranz in person : talk to him, converse with him, and shake his hand. What could be better than that?

from David 🙂

You surprised me again, Universe. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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