Pamper Me Day at CUT

Since my birthday was only one (1) day away, I decided to pamper myself for a few hours. 

Although I wanted to be pampered, I went for a Day Spa which offered a value for money pampering. Initially, I went to Index Salon. I’ve been eyeing their Php 99 foot spa and PhP 49 pedicure for months. I just didn’t have the luxury of time to go. When I finally went, however, no machine was available so they asked me to wait for a whole hour.

I decided to scout for another place and found myself at CUT Encarnacion Group of Salon. I opted for their Foot Spa with Pedicure and Manicure pegged at PhP 220.00. And yes, free WiFi connection 😉

Once I got inside, I was led to a small corner where the foot spa machine was plugged. I folded my slacks up to my thighs and my feet were then submerged into the machine filled to the brim with water. With my feet basking in the lukewarm water, the salon lady began with my manicure.

feet on water, working on my right hand

still feet on water, now my left hand

While Ate worked on my nails, I looked around the salon. The hairdressers were all busy with tehir respective customers. The salon was painted with red and black, I noticed.

In fifteen (15) minutes, the manicure was done. Ate began with the foot spa treatment. She scrubbed my dead cells away. Haha

After lifting all the dead cells, she got a sugar and salt grain scrub this time and scrubbed my lower leg. She ended with a spritz of lotion and massaged my feet. It felt really good!

After which, she moved my slacks down and began with the pedicure.

The foot spa plus pedicure and manicure was done in forty-five (45) minutes. Fast, I tell you. Really fast. I stayed a while longer to have my hair cut. Yes, it was a last minute decision. Hehe.

the hairdresser intently clipping away layers upon layers of my hair

So my hair went from this:

my last hair cut was in October

To this:

this hair cut was on 03 march

Yey! I look several years younger again. Hahaha. Now, guess my age? Hahaha

I’ll visit CUT again one day:
1. I love their playlist, all were dance able tunes which made me wriggle it on my seat;
2. I’ll avail of their PhP 220.00 offer again. It was a really good bargain;
3. They have free WiFi, so surf away while they do their thang.

On my next visit though:

1. I’ll bring my own towels. It seemed as though they have not washed their towels in ages;
2. I’m thinking of bringing my own fan, too. Their AC doesn’t deliver.

Anyhoo, I enjoyed my day of pampering at the CUT. I’d love to have you join me on my next visit. 🙂

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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