Hello again, 2013!

You do remember that I was one among the first fifty (50) girls who answered the December-January @BDJBox survey, right? And for that, I won a BDJ Planner, di ba? Oh well, I got my planner na!


The planner came with the BDJ Lifestyle Card, of course

I loved the smell of the pages. The nice fonts and colors of the print revived me. And the curly texts just made me a giddy girl all over. Yup, my good old favorite features are still there — the Dream Board and the Menstrual Tracker.

For a second, I was distraught on what to do with the BDJ Planner. I already have my Everything is Possible Planner at hand, and the January and February pages have been filled up. Sayang naman if I throw it away. A light bulb moment hit me at once though: I’ll make good use of the EIP Planner for my future (before) plans. Sya talaga yung planner ko. As for the BDJ Planner naman, I’ll use it as my journal/ diary. All the after events that have been planned in my EIP will be written in my BDJ complete with lovely pictures, stickers, texts, whatnots — like a scrapbook. I thought to myself that the BDJ Planner will be able to hold more thing-a-ma-jigs since it has a spiral binding. Oha?! ¬†

Leafing through the fresh pages of the 2013 BDJ Planner I won, I was amazed at how it affected me. It seemed as though I was given the chance to make new my 2013 again. It was as if I am allowed to make new memories — fresh start, new life, clean slate. Huwaw!

I am given that opportunity again. I will plan out my life as best as I could because in our little cosmos, everything is possible. And once I’ve mapped out and laid out everything, I know, I am living my life to the fullest.

So hi and hello 2013. We meet. One more time. ūüôā

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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