Million Volunteer Run

I ran my first run for the year via the Red Cross Million Volunteer Run.

I was lucky that I was chosen to be one among the employees to join the fun run along with fifty-five (55) other individuals. I was the one who drafted the Memo enjoining everyone to participate in the said run. All we had to do was to be present during the run since the registration fee had been taken cared of. Yey! Another one of those the-best-things-in-life-are-free treats. Hahaha

So that Sunday, I was up at about 4:00 am, freshened up, and changed into my running attire. Naks. No, seriously. I prepared my things the night before the race. Apart from the singlet that was given to us in the race kit (along with a whistle and two baller IDs), I particularly prepared a red undershirt, black semi-short leggings, and running shoes. I likewise stuffed in my red backpack other essentials such as a bottle of water, extra shirt, a towelette, and my kikay kit  for touch ups after the race. 🙂

After my preps, I went out of the village and waited for our sundo to arrive to bring us to the SM City Naga which was the assembly area of the race. It was freakin’ cold and dark outside!! I braved the dark and the cold and patiently waited for the car to arrive. After about thirty (30) minutes of waiting, I made a run for a free ride instead. We arrived at SM on the dot. I was really grateful that we safely arrived at the venue. Thank you.

Moments later, my other office mates and friends arrived. We were up so early but we were all so wired up for the race. So, picture, picture time!

The sun was already up when the organizers began the stretching exercises. At least, no one was light for the Start and at least, I wasn’t sleepy or anything. After a few more stretches, the whistle was blown to signal the start of the run. There was no gun start since it’s gun ban daw. So a whistle start would do. Nyahaha. Funneee. ;p

Another Ivy was my running buddy. She’s sister to Irish, a very good friend of mine at the office. Ate Nitz joined us.

Irish walked with Ma’am Vangie. We found out later though, that she ran with Ate Cris instead.

It was a real FUN run. I did not run purely. There were times when I brisk-walked just so I could catch my breath and ran again when I am able to breathe comfortably once more.

We were so happy when we crossed the Finish Line. We were greeted with Certificates of Participation which we held with much pride. Of course, more pictures where taken:

After the run and the picture-taking, we all headed home riding the vehicle which took the rest of my office mates to the venue.

This is my nth run, so far. Hmm. Let me count: Cam Sur Marathon, Dalagan Para sa Kaakian, Rexona Power Run, and Civil Service Anniversary Fun Run. I joined the Avon Kisses Walk and Fun Walk with Pets, too. In this lifetime, I ain’t that bad in walking or running for my health. 🙂

I vowed that I’ll join fun walks and fun runs while I am young. I will join events of this nature while I still can — minus Skelan or Flanax, whichever is more effective.  Haha.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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