Travel Toes: January

At the start of the year, I silently wished from my heart to travel at least once every month.
I’ve been receiving texts from my travel agent about plane fare promos. I’ve been scouting the net for possible budget travels. I thought that my wish would prove futile since I made no arrangements for travel for January. 

Imagine my delight when I was awakened by the sound of a phone call on the last day of January. Nope the phone wasn’t the one ringing. My roommate’s phone rang and at the other end of the line was my Tita asking if all four (4) of us in the room were awake already. Through muffled voices, I finally heard my roommate say, “Ok, we’ll get ready.” As Ate Sahlee put her phone down, she announced, “I’m needed at Misibis. Do you wanna go?”

I heard delighted shrieks envelope the room. We all jumped out of bed and scrambled to the bathroom for a quick shower. I was first to go and tried my very best to shower as fast as I could. Normally, it takes me 15-20 minutes to freshen myself up. But I made a record of just five (5) minutes inside the shower. Karigos biyahera as I call it. Haha!

I went out of the shower lakwatsa-ready. While my three other roommates made a mad dash to the shower, I packed my things and tried to fit them all in my overnight bag, Girl Scout style. *wink*

A soft knock came as Ate Mel poked her head between the door and the wall, reminding us to hurry up and be ready for breakfast within fifteen minutes. All the more did we hurry up, and in no time we were checking out from our hotel room. We first loaded our bags at the back of Ate Mel’s car and went to eat breakfast.

I couldn’t swallow the food I got from the buffet. Picture this, I loaded only half of the medium-sized white plate, then ate only half of the food I got. I really had no appetite to eat. I just compensated by eating three slices of pineapple and managed to put an orange inside my bag. After breakfast, we drove to The Oriental Hotel for our tour bus and join the rest of the delegation (?).

It was a rather misty kind of morning. Ok, a rather rainy one. It was good that I brought along my hooded cotton jacket to warm me up. The bus was quite cold, too. Isarog buses are really cold, mind you. It was a good thing that we were given extra shirts. I used that extra shirt to cover my knees which were already numb from the cold.

Then, the bus started running. Huwaw! We’re going to Misibis. Yahoo!

From Legazpi City, it took about 45 minutes to reach the island of Cagraray. We were really lucky since a bridge was already constructed which traversed to Cagraray Island from the main island of Albay. Otherwise, we would have been asked to unboard the bus, take a ferry to the island, and back again. After the 45-minute travel of zigzag, winding, dizzying, spiraling road, we finally arrived!

We were greeted by a young welcome team, putting leis around our necks as we got down the bus. Moist towels were likewise handed to us, and welcome drinks were distributed to mark our arrival.

We have arrived! Welcome to Misibis Bay!

Cold moist towels to ward off the heat,
kaso it was really cold. I used it na lang to wipe off the malagkit off my hands. 🙂
My fair share: malagkit, cold towel, and wrapped utensils
The insanely delicious welcome treat:
leche flan and ube enveloped in malagkit rice.
Plus points to Misibis for this!

After the warm welcome despite the very cool weather, we went sight-seeing around the resort. We were handed these rather big umbrellas so that we could freely roam around the whole area without getting wet under the rain.

Yes, I was actually there!
(Under the rain lang ang peg!)
By the infinity pool, yeah!
Still by the pool area
Pool under the bridge leads to the villas

Our guide announced that we were to bound to go to the Eco Village where the Ampitheater, the Hanging Bridge, and the Stella Maris Chapel were. Of course, we wouldn’t want to miss those scenic places. While waiting for our shuttle to take us there, we ‘drove’ around. Joke!

 Of course, I didn’t miss the opportunity to drive solo 🙂

When our shuttle arrived, we took our seats and comfortably settled for a five-minute drive to the Eco Village. Picture flooding up next!

We went to the Amphitheater first.This spot was made famous by Walang Hanggan’s Daniel (Coco Martin) and Katerina (Julia Montes), and Ms. Kris Aquino via KrisTV. *swoon*

Best angle: three steps down

The Stella Maris Chapel was up next. It was a simple structure but it was truly breath taking.  It’s a perfect venue for a sunset wedding — one over looking the Pacific.

Outside looking in
Another sariling kayod shot to capture the simple chapel seats (Moonface, ack!)

We again boarded the shuttle and went to the hanging bridge next. I always wanted to cross hanging bridges! I was quite disappointed though since it was only a rather short ‘hanging bridge walk’ from end to end. In about a minute or two, you’re at the other end na. Nevertheless, it still is a hanging bridge. 🙂

Jumpshot…not! ;p
Hanging by a moment…
Experiencing being tussled up in a bridge 🙂

 The visit to the hanging bridge capped our day tour. We happily hopped back to our shuttle service. It was noon, the sun was up, and our tummies were grumbling for lunch. In no time, lunch was served,

Grilled chicken, grilled fish, lechon, steamed jasmine rice
plus buko/ coconut juice and water.

As we bid Misibis Bay adieu, just one more parting shot by the entrance. 🙂

My January travel toes took me by surprise. A very welcome surprise, in fact. I’m grateful that I was able to join the tour with zero amount coming from my pocket. Hahaha. The best things in life are free!! :))

So this February, where will my travel toes take me? Surprise me again, dear Universe!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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