Unboxing my Dec-Jan BDJ Box

I was home Saturday. 
Then the hurried beep-beep from the LBC came honking through our front gate. What news did he bring? The December-January BDJ Box is finally here!
BDJ Team: We’re sorry
Me: Apology accepted
BDJ Box plus one: What’s that?
The apology note came with a free FMN Journal.
Why Thank you very much BDJ BoxTeam!
Aerial view of the box cover and the box with the featured products
Stickers! Love it!!
What’s inside? I can see the pink curls again 🙂
December-January box finally!
Of note is the full-sized Panten Pro-V Miracle Water
… and vouchers, too!

A new addition to my pretty boxes and products I can’t wait to try.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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