Kha’s B-day at White Bean

Kha turned a year older this year. We celebrated her birthday by having a late afternoon snack at a new place I always wanted to try.

The napkins speaks for itself
Niña, Kha and I chatted for a while at the lobby of the Nagaland Hotel as we waited to be seated at one of its plush pink sofas. We were finally given the blue sofa after. It was a nice colorful place. My eyes feasted on the interiors.
A replica of the pink sofa in one of the shelves
the other shleves gave out a girly vibe
Apart from the posh exterior, our mouth watered seeing the menu. We ordered
carbonara and bolognese with Nins and Kha in the background
chocolate milkshake with my first serving of the bolognese
chicken burger sandwich
Food was great! The bolognese was the meatiest I ever tasted. The milkshake was good, too. Best of all, it was all for free. Thanks to Kharen’s purse. Haha :)The next time I’ll pay a visit, I’ll try the yellow and green room at the opposite end of the pink and blue one ;)See you again.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙂

Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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