Where was I last Sunday?

At the happiest place on Earth!

I have been invited by my triple sister to Wina to attend The Feast gatherings in Manila for as long as I could remember. I think I was still working in Manila then. And up to the time I was reviewing and was staying at Taft. I was always hesitant to go and politely declined her invitations. I said I was busy but promised that one day I’d go.

Around July or August this year, she invited me again. The Feast was coming to Naga and a handful of people were organizing. I declined her invitation again since my hands were full at that time. I said I’ll join and would just text her when I’m free.

October. I was in Manila and needed the grace of God. I wanted to be re-introduced to the charismatic way of praising and thanking God’s name. I texted Wina, “Win, when ang Feast? Every Sunday? I’m in Manila right and now. And I’ll join you once I’m home :)” And yes, my promise was fulfilled Sunday, November 11, 2012.

I invited Kharen to join me since Wina told me to ‘bring your family and friends.’ Haha. 🙂

I was there at 2pm but had to wait for Kha downstairs. Just as we were about to take the flight of stairs leading to the function room where The Feast was being held, we heard the opening song for the mass. We were greeted by a mid-aged man who gaily welcomed us. Sorry, I forgot his name.

We entered the glass door, registered, and choose a seat for us. Guess who was the priest-presider? Our parish priest! He was celebrating his 19th year as a priest that day, and Mama told me that they had a prepared a program for him. And why was he here? He left the program early to celebrate mass for The Feast. Prior to the mass, Mama and Father did the chacha.

Back to the celebration of the mass, I let myself feel God. I always make sure that I allot the mass only with thoughts of Him.  I give myself to him even for just one full hour. I offer to Him the sixty (60) minutes of mass .

I asked to blessed by Father after the mass. He was so happy to see that at least one of his parishioners was there at The Feast.

The Music Ministry held a short worship after the mass. Some of the songs were familiar, the others were new. Nonetheless, I let the music feel my soul. I was very grateful I chose to be there. 🙂

We were handed envelopes after the worship.

We were asked to write down our prayer requests. And you know what two (2) things I am praying for 😉

The lights dimmed and a video of preacher Bo Sanchez filled the screen of the LCD projector. The topic was about “How to Be a Miracle Worker.” I listened intently and even took down notes. I was really inspired by the talk.  And told myself not to miss any of The Feast sessions.

Wina introduced Kharen and I to the service team, and we were asked to join the ministry. I was hesitant at first but obliged thereafter. I am now part of the team. 🙂

Until the next Feast. For as He promised, “The best is yet to come!”

So, listen up and listen good. 🙂


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