Shoe Happy!

You read about my first happy shoe shopping experience right?

I went back to Payless Shoe Source as I promised I would. This time, I checked out their newly-opened SM San Lazaro branch. The branch was nearest where I lived in Manila so Payless was really accessible to me.

I bought not one, but two pairs. So, I now have three (3) pairs of footwear brought at Payless. Shocks! I really consider Payless as shoe heaven with all the shoes — flats, heels, athletic — at my disposal. I fell in love with it considering we met only last September. Hahaha.

Shopping for you-kind-of-pair at Payless is easy-breezy. You just have to know what size your feet is, and you’re surely have a feast of shoes in different colors and kinds. As for me, I’m a size 6. Uhm, size 5 1/2 sometimes. Just be wary of the prices. You still have to be alert and awake checking the price tags. 🙂

Upon entering the shop’s entrance, you’ll notice the rows and racks of shoes beautifully arranged according to sizes. A Payless Shoe Source shop looks more or less like this:

I went to the aisle where size 6 was and began my shoe fiesta! Hahaha.

Being the natural Sale Girl that I am, I zoomed in to the pairs that carried a different colored price tag. Yes, you got it. That one. That SALE price tag.

On one shopping occasion, a red half-ribboned wedge first caught my fancy. I was able to buy it at PhP 500. It originally costs PhP 1,250. 🙂

Jenner Side Bow Wedge by Lower East Side

On a separate occasion, I was able to purchase a pair of Champion rubber shoes  at PhP 825, which was half of its original PhP 1650 price. 🙂

Champion Women’s Fleet Runner

You see, not only are the prices reasonable, the shoes they sell are authentic American brands and of authentic American origin. That makes me one happy and satisfied customer! 🙂

They have about fourteen (14) branches operating in Metro Manila.

You may check out their mother website here.

What are you waiting for? Go visit their branches and grab a pair (or two, or three more pairs) now. I just did. Happy shoe shopping!!

With the experience, I can say I’m a real fan of Payless. I now have a solution to my shoe woes. I now have a go-to, trusted place where I will be able to munch on shoes of my fancy. This is life , indeed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Listen up, listen good some more 🙂


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