Bench Fix Happy

After THE haircut at Bench FiX Salon, I went down to where Bench Shop was.

I decided to buy a tub of their hair masque.

It was not part of my original plan to buy but out of the blue, the tub of masque suddenly crossed my mind. At PhP 150, it’s so sulit. And truth be told, it works and really, really smells good. 🙂

I went for the beeline to the cash counter. The teenager before me bought lots of stuff. I think the total cost reached more than a thousand. After paying, the salesladies at the counter asked the teenager is she was going to join the promo. The girl nodded. Then, they got a folder, scribbled on something and asked the teenager to sign. Oh, a promo, huh? I used to join a lot of promos before. Haha.  I said to myself in recollection. 🙂

When it was my turn, I approached the cashier and fumbled through my wallet. Ka-ching. I gave the cashier two (2) one hundred peso crisp bills, and received PhP 50 change. One of the salesladies got my receipt and said, 150? Ui, may promo tayo dyan. Then she got a folder and wrote down my receipt’s details. What is going on?  I asked myself. I was asked to write my name and signature on a sheet of paper.After which, I was given a voucher. Then, the saleslady turned to me to explain.

It turns out that Bench Fix Salon is a decade old.

As a birthday blowout to its, ehem, loyal customers, they launched a promo. Yes, you heard it right: a promo!


Yey! I couldn’t believe it! I so couldn’t believe it!

I was really planning to have my hair colored at Bench Fix. I even inquired as to how much it costs (PhP 1200 for short and PhP 1650 for long hair). This is a really welcome treat! Imagine, you’ll shave off one-fourth off the price. What’s more, the voucher is valid for sixty (60) days after its issuance. Horay!

Hahaha. I was in heaven when I left Bench.

Oh wow! I can’t wait. I won’t forget the sixty (60)-day period. I’ll surely avail of this!

Listen up, listen good! 🙂



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