Milo Marathon at 50% Off

Remember this post?

I was supposed to run the Milo marathon this year.

My office mate invited me one day when I went to see the Director for something. She whispered if I wanted to join the Milo marathon. My ears clapped. This is unbelievable!  I muttered under my breath.

You see, I already lost hope of being able to join the marathon this year. I have invited my friends but they had previous commitments of their own. Well, some weren’t really interested to run. Jejeje. But, I was. So this invitation was heaven-sent.

That afternoon, she gave me a registration form and asked me to fill it out. Just adjust your age so that we could avail of the singlet at PhP 50, she said. We’ll enter as students? I asked. She nodded, and we were both suppressing our laughter. I will have to attach a proof of purchase, right? I inquired. She said yes. I bought 220 gram Milo from SM the night I went to buy the the bag. It was the only thing I bought at the grocery. Proof of purchase, check.

The following morning, I handed the registration form, the proof of purchase and the PhP 50 to my office mate, Irish. I’ll just gives you the bib and the number to you. I said thanks. 🙂

That afternoon though, just before the Flag Retreat started, she said she wouldn’t be able to run because she had “the visitor.” Sigh. I’ve no more companion. By then, I gave up hope to run the marathon this year. I’ll just ask Kuya Ronnie to give you your race kit.

I was at Sabang when Kuya Ronnie texted me. He met me right outside the exit gate of LCC and handed to me my race kit consisting of the singlet and race number. Thank you very much po.

I didn’t run, however. I volunteered myself to join another event of which I’m gonna tell you about. 🙂

Thus, the other half of making my “I will run the Milo marathon” has yet to come true. It’s 50% off my bucket list, though. Hahaha.

Until next year Milo, see you on the 37th 🙂

Listen up, listen good. 😀


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