I’m a Star!

As I was showering today, I was able to reflect much about my life. That 15 to 20-minute shower of mine gave me a brief description of how I have lived and is living my life.

When I was small, hmmm, in grade school that is, I never let myself down. I was always in for the game. I was always going for what I want. I did not end up getting all that I wanted, but somehow, I managed to live each day and move forward unscathed. I did well in school so I really did not mind me being morena/ maitim or what. The fact that I was very confident was my pillar of strength.

Come high school, puberty/ adolescence set in. That was when all the insecurity crept in. But I moved forward still knowing that I have my clique of friends every single school day. It was all that mattered. Me and my friends. And TGIS. 🙂

College was a different tune. I played up my ‘ physical’  weakness to my advantage. I gained my own following when I worked on my inner strength — my confidence. I know I am mentally inclined and above the average student. I worked really hard and graduated with flying colors.

With the boosted morale, I took up Law. I spiraled low though when my first relationship broke down. I broke down myself. It took me years to recover. But I did recover. I have a great life.

Now I’m back to where I started: Square No. 1.

I’m currently working on recovering my confidence. I’m tooting my own horn once in a while. I’m being my own cheerleader. I’m working from within, and little by little, I’m getting there.

That’s why this blog is here. I am my own audience. I have no skeletons to hide in my own closet. I do not fear reprimand because this is me, being myself. I have no pretensions. I can be myself for as long as I want. I’m building myself as a star!

avon’s favorite star necklace

So I brought this star necklace from Avon just so I could remind myself one thing: I’m a Star!

Every time I touch it, I feel I’m a star! I am the protagonist of the movie-autobiography out of the pieces and puzzles of my life. I am writing my own script. and I am my own director. The executive producer and director is of course, God Up There. 😀

Here on earth, I’m the star. This is my perfect life. And I’ll take it from here.

Listen up, listen good. 😀


Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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