Bourne Here

Loved the movie! ūüôā

I was in total awe as I watched Aaron Cross speed off with his roaring motorcycle along the busier than busy streets of Old Manila. I was mesmerized viewing the billboard/ MRT-LRT Crossing chase. Hays. For a good thirty (30) minutes, I wasn’t breathing! Hahaha.¬†I can totally relate to the traffic, the slums, the noise, the billboards, pedicabs, jeepneys, traffic jam, people everywhere — the TEXTURE of¬†Manila.

Plus, the fluent English-speaking security guard John Arcilla.

Question: Where would boatman Lou Veloso en route to Palawan take them?

Yup, it’s really more fun where I was born — PHILIPPINES!

Listen up, listen good. ūüėÄ


Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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