Sporty Spice

The employees association of our office held a two-day sportsfest last May.

I’m more of the mental/thinking athlete type so my Boss cast me to play Scrabble for our Team. Hehehe. (My Boss loves me so much, she casts me for anything. Everything.¬†:))

After the Fun Walk, I sought permission to go home to shower. When I came back, the game has already started. Our intern was asked to play instead. I enjoyed watching the game though, and the photographer graciously took pictures with the Director for posterity.

with the Big Boss (all smiles!) and some inerns

intently watching, keenly observing

I’ll be on time next time.¬†And I’d better beef up on my vocabulary.

Listen up, listen good. ūüėÄ


Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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