Dear Krissy

🙂 February 20, 2010

Style Resurrection Store at #34 Sgt. Esguerra St., Diliman, Quezon City

I learned about your K Bazaar/ Charity Sale from your Facebook Fan Page, of which I am a member of.

I had to hold my breath reading the post. I have read about your past K Sales from previous K Magazine issues, and swore to myself that one day, I’ll get to participate, too. Reading your Facebook post just made me giddy all over. I felt that it was the chance of a lifetime I was waiting for.

I immediately logged on to my Multiply account and searched for Style Resurrection.

I was in awe when I made my way through the posted photos of some of your clothes and shoes. One particular pair of boots caught my attention – The Blue Boots.

I immediately sent an SMS to one of the contact numbers in the site. Good thing, the person on the other end of the line was patient enough to answer my queries. For days, I asked questions about how much it costs (in anticipation of how much I should save for it) and available payment options. Feeling close, I even volunteered to pay through allowed payment options and easily gave out my name and the particular days I will be in Manila.

I ogled the Blue Boots for weeks. I had several sleepless nights thinking about them. I really made kulit the contact person. I did not mind if I appeared desperado. I apologized though for being so makulit and explained that I just wanted to ‘snag those Blue Boots so much and bring them home with me.’

Come the last day of the K Bazaar, I was grateful that I was able to schedule a trip to Manila in time for it. I even brought with me a copy of the latest issue of the K Magazine just in case you were at the venue, to have it autographed. I had fun at the Charity Sale, browsing through dresses and gowns and several rows of shoes. My companions and I even took pictures of ourselves while at the K Bazaar/ Charity Sale.

And yes, true to his word, the contact person reserved the Blue Boots for me. I finally have the Blue Boots in my hands, er feet.

Because of the recent Charity Bazaar, I was able to tick off one of the things in my Bucket List – that of participating in a Kris Aquino Sale and consequently owning a pre-loved item from Ms. Kris Aquino.


Thank you very much Ms. Kris for the opportunity you have given ‘ordinary’ people like me. By holding your Charity Sale, you have reached out and shared yourself with us.  A big Thank You is likewise due to my point person. Thank you for bearing with my kakulitan.

Again, Thank You Ms. Kris. More power!

Best Regards.



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