Another Reminder

A few years back, I lost myself.

I went down the drain to nowhere and found myself weeping incessantly. It was a chapter of my life when I felt at my lowest. Lost. Really lost.  All my friends were scattered all around the globe. I was too timid (maybe proud) to seek my family’s refuge.  I felt I had no one. No one to turn to. No one.

Then came a particular day when I felt an unseen being move over me, touch me, and embrace me. That unseen being guided me and brought my feet to one memorable place where I lay down all my fears, my doubts, my burdens. It never felt that good! I released all that has been bothering me and left the place calm, cool and collected. My heart skipped a new. 🙂

After that day, I brought the broken pieces of myself back. I tried to make a new puzzle out of my life. There were parts which I got from my past experiences and peppered them with new memories. And I found myself.

Now that I seem lost into oblivion yet again, the Unseen Being is back. Coaxing me, assuring me that everything will be alright.


Magnifico is a movie about a young boy who is so good that his very positive disposition in life inspires the people around him to be good too. One poignant scene in the film is when the young Magnifico promised his sick sister a trip to the the town carnival. Since he was not able to raise enough money to rent a wheelchair that he initially intended to bring her sister on, he had to carry his sister on his back. Magnifico, who had a very small frame, would not flinch even if he obviously was having a hard time with the load on his back as he carried her excitedly and happily around the fair.
This was surely the writer’s take on an old story of how a man came upon a little boy carrying a still smaller boy, who was lame, upon his back. “That’s a heavy burden for you to carry,”said the man. “That’s not a burden,” came the answer. “That’s my wee brother.”
When Jesus says, “My burden is light,” He doesn’t mean it is easy to carry because it has no or less weight. It is light because of how we see it. Indeed, as Christians, there are loads that Christ has placed on our shoulders not because He wants to inconvenience us but because they are necessary for us to move on in this life towards the next. He gives them to us to make us better persons. Think about a father who lets go of a young son on a bike as the boy struggles to pedal forward, rise as he falls, and pedals again till he runs on his own.
Since the burden is given in love, then we ought to carry them with love. And that’s when the burden becomes light.Fr. Sandy V. Enhaynes
REFLECTION QUESTIONS: Are you carrying any burden now? Is it heavy or is it light? What can make it light?
Lord Jesus, grant me the grace to embrace my trials and crosses so that I may see the blessings wrapped inside them.
The Unseen Being is back.
And I want to be lost in His embrace.
I remain.

Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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