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The first time I heard about Human Heart Nature was through a gift I received from a friend of mine one gift-giving holiday — a Choco Vanilla lip balm. Being the chocolate lover that I am, I instantaneously fell in love with the scent! I was ecstatic and tried it upon coming home.

rightmost: from Choco Vanilla to Choco Fudge

I used it a few times since it magically nourished my eternally parched lips. It helped a lot in warding off the lip lines and prevented me from licking my lips all the time. (Fact: the more you lick your lips, the drier it gets.) Yep, two birds in one stone: Answer to dry lips, check. Preventive measure to lick lips, check. 🙂 They have renamed the brown lip balm from Choco Vanilla to Choco Fudge since.

Satisfied, I began to research for other products that Human Heart Nature offered. I was amazed at the positive reviews that bloggers and satisfied users said, left and right. I found their website and got to know more of the other products they have introduced to consumers.

I first tried the Sunflower Beauty Oil which I wrote about here.

The product delivered as promised. I used the Beauty Oil as my all over moisturizer. I used it on my face and neck, replacing my time-tested albeit expensive moisturizer. I never thought I would be able to wean myself from it until I tried the Sunflower Beauty Oil. Judging from my reflection in the mirror, my face looks fresh (and refreshed) minus the shine. Likewise, I was able to shift from my milk body lotions. I really never thought about using body oils but I finally did. I would massage the Sunflower Beauty Oil all over my arms, legs, just all over my body. Seriously, I was bathing in the moisturizing goodness of sunflower oil! 🙂

Happy and satisfied with the results, I bought another bottle of the Sunflower Beauty Oil when it went on sale. My first bottle was almost empty then and I was really in luck buying my second bottle at twenty percent (20%) off the original price. Yey!

The day I bought my second bottle of the Sunflower Beauty Oil, I also bought a stick of their Tinted Lip Balm.

I got interested in lip balms after Atty. Karen Jimeno, spokesperson of the Defense Panel during Chief Justice Corona’s Impeachment Trial, shared in an interview that she uses just lip balms and lipsticks to prettify herself. From the day I watched her interview, I was on a hunt for lip balms. I’ve tried lipsticks before but never really experimented with lip balms. I was hunting for a lip balms which gave color to the lips as well — tint to give color + moisturizing properties = life to my lips. Luckily, Human Heart Nature came up with tinted lip balms. Perfect! At the Human Heart Nature in Naga, I tried a swatch of all three color formulations. Flame Tree suited my skin color best. It blended perfectly well with my sun-kissed color. It’s as if I’m not wearing any color on my lips at all. Double perfect! 🙂

During my third trip to the Human Heart Nature store, I bought a small bottle of the Day Moisturizing Fluid, my second stick of Tinted Lip Balm, and my trial bottle of the All-Natural Deodorant in Pink variant.

It’s not that I wasn’t content with the Sunflower Beauty Oil was my facial moisturizer. The raves and reviews about the Day Moisturizing Fluid just made me purchase the bottle and try to see the results myself. And it’s a real winner! I love the delicate scent.  I adore its creamy and fast-absorbing formulation. I just love the product!

Mama tried for herself the Hair Mask in Jasmine scent and trial bottle of the Hydrating Facial Wash. I tiptoed into her bathroom and tried them, too. The results are really amazing. 🙂

This is my growing Human Heart Nature stash:

And I’m bent on trying these other products:

What’s more, all their products are proudly Made in the Philippines! 🙂 You see, I have this little advocacy of buying only Filipino products as much as I can — locally produced, locally manufactured — an advocacy I vowed for myself after a book. And Human Heart Nature really just went right through my heart (pardon the pun).

Guys, if you’re in search of organic and Filipino-proud products, try Human Heart Nature and see the results for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

I remain.


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