He talked to me

As I backtracked my readings of the Kerygma newsletter sent everyday through my email, my eyes swept through the words and wept after reading Sunday’s reflection from Didache:


“He will carry out my every wish…” – Acts 13:22
I took the bar exams in September 2002. The results were out in February 2003 with a 19.6 percent national passing rate. By March, I took my oath to become a lawyer. This is my pretty bar exam story, but what follows is the ugly truth.
I started reviewing for the bar months before the exam. In those months, there was one prayer I couldn’t pray — the “Our Father.” When the part, “Your will be done” came, I’d just mumble. I was afraid that God’s will for me was not to pass the bar.
I was reduced to a mumbler until I remembered a loophole — my God listens to prayers! So I prayed that God’s will would be that I pass the bar. At that point, I still did not want to fail, but I was not afraid anymore. I knew that, pass or fail, I had done my part and God’s will shall prevail. And as you already know, I passed.
In today’s reading, God already declared that David would carry out His every wish. But we read in the Book of Psalms and the Books of Samuel that this did not stop David from praying for things to go his way. And as you already know, David is known as one of the greatest kingsin history.
Pepper Bruce (pepper.bruce@gmail.com)
With this Sunday reflection, He literally knocked me off of all my anxiety. The words shook me into my senses. And the message was clear-cut in precision. He erased my doubts and fears. He assured me through Didache and Atty. Pepper Bruce.
I will cling to Him, until the end of time.
I remain.

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