Cutting it Short..Again!

I always wanted to cut my hair short. Actually, my Dad always insisted that I cut my hair short since I was a child. My Mama would go monthly to the parlor to have our hair cut and hair nails treated to manicure and pedicure. The works!

This time, someone who really matters to me asked that I cut my hair short. I obliged since I really likewise wanted to chop my tresses off for quite sometime now.

Before I had my haircut, I researched images from the worldwide web and got my pegs from here:

I got worried though with the thought that my hair falls flat since I had it relaxed a day before my birthday this year.

I was bent, though, on having a haircut so after office hours, I rode the bus and went to the city and had my tresses chopped. I showed the hair dresser how my hair wanted to look, suggesting the pictures I brought with me. Chop, chop. Shear, shear.

My initial worry came true.¬†After the haircut, my hair was as flat as a stick. So no pictures for now. I will have to wait until I’m able to grow my natural/ unrelaxed hair. ūüėČ Once my untreated hair grows, I’ll have them cut short again. Haha.

Anyhow, I’m happy that I’m back to my wash-and-wear hair. I don’t have to wake up extra early just so I could have them dry the very hour I report to the office. What’s more, I’ll be able to spend less on lots of things when bathing — water, shampoo and conditioner, and plenty of shower time! My Mama will surely be pleased with this development.

I remain.


Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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