26: Love Ko ‘To


I was sooo hungry when I left the office today.

I needed a fast fix to curb my hunger. I went to McDonald’s.

Luckily, they have this Ang Paos (Chinese Red Envelopes) being given away by a member of the staff. They do this annually in celebration of the Chinese New Year.

This year, they slashed up to Php 42.00 off from the featured combos’ original price:

Discount Coupons

I chose the Chicken Mc Sandwich and Coke Combo which they were selling at only Php 75.00 with Php 42.00 savings. Deal!

Crunchy YumYum

As I was really famished, I ordered an additional medium-sized fries to complete my fast fix.

I like 'em hot and salty!

I sunk my teeth into the crunchiness of the chicken and the fries. Yeah, fast food baby!! ūüôā

Ugh. This post is making me go hungry again. I think I’ll stop by Mc Do later and use the other coupons I have.

Pa-pa-ra-pa-pa. Love ko ‘to!

I remain.


Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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