21: A ‘Lovely’ Rainy Day


A rainy day. A very rainy one. I did not let the rain ruin my day, though. My day went on as usual!

After our exams today on

photo source

I had my hair chopped. Hahaha.

Translation: Haircut.

My first for the year! Yahoo!

I’ve been thinking of having my tresses trimmed for months now. I’ve been looking through pictures of hairstyles all over the worldwideweb. Google helped me a lot with all the research. I printed my collage and slipped it into my Planner which I brought every single day. I’ll have it handy. In case the time-to-chop-the-hair alarm comes ringing, I have it with me. And today, that bell went on alarm. A rather loud alarm. 🙂

Ate Jho and Kha were talking about having an Hair Spa today and I thought I could join in the fun by having my haircut. And a haircut I had.

We went to this beauty salon along Barlin Street in Naga City and looked for Jo. I was, however, told me that (s)he was unavailable as (s)he was booked for the day to perform some hair rebonding with another customer. She referred me instead to Vanessa, a colleague of hers who was free for the day. So Kha and I went down to the main parlor again to look for ‘Vanessa.’ I showed Vanessa the pictures I gathered from the Internet which I printed to give her an idea how I wanted my hair to look. She liked the pictures and told me it was really hard to choose which model to copy. Haha.

Since my hair was wavy with all the tight scoonchie, rubber band, etc. Vanessa had to ‘iron’ my hair to make it straight enough for an easy and manageable haircuting procedure. Snip, snip, snip, the scissor went. One by one, layer after layer, strands of my oh so jet black hair fell on the floor. Babye hair, was all I could say. Earlier today, I washed my hair with lemon juice and conditioned the same with Tsubaka hair conditioner.

The tress chop was priced at Php 70 but I gave Vanessa Php 100 since I was a satisfied customer. Even Kha told Vanessa that the next time Kha would have her haircut, she’d gladly have Vanessa do the honors. Mutualy, Vanessa was very happy with the collage of photos I printed, she asked me to leave it at the parlor so that they could showcase it along with the other pictures of hairstyle models in their gallery. Award! 😀

As Kha’s Hair Spa session was not on until 1pm, we had lunch at Jollibee first. I had N2 (spaghetti+burger) and Kha had C1 (1 pc chicken+rice). Both of us opted to have the default Cola upgraded to a large glass of pineapple juice, for health reasons, of course. Yes, healthier options for a skinny New Year!

We went to another salon and looked for Honey, Kha’s Hair Spa specialist. Actually, Ate Jho’s specialist who was recommended to Kha. I didn’t quite pay attention to the hair spa process as I was immersed in three (3) magazines as I had my nails done. Yep, another mani and pedi duo. This time, I had my nails painted red:

Caronia's Red Pearl

photo source

Another lalala-lovely day! 🙂

I remain.

P.S. If you’re in Naga and you need to breathe life to your tresses, I highly recommend you visit Vanessa and Honey.

Vanessa does hair very well. Look for her at Pretty Blooms Parlor. Honey handles hair spa and  hair rebonds but not haircuts. She does nails, too. Look for Honey at Didith Beauty Parlor. Both Parlors are located at Barlin St., Naga City.


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