Eighteen: Creative You and Me 101


As I was having my daily dose of my Rainbow, er blogroll, I chanced upon this video:

Another aha moment. 🙂

It gave me insights on how I could be effectively creative in terms of EVERYTHING. I have been practicing some. The others? I have yet to implement them.

In case the video wouldn’t play in your browsers or if your not a fan of moving things or is not a fast (enough) reader, I have listed them down below and peppered it with my personal takes on each matter:

1. Make a list. – I do it all the time. I make lists each time. The most fun part is, checking each item on the list once they’re done.

2. Carry a notebook everywhere. – I always do. I always lug around a notebook or a pad and a working pen everywhere I go. Whenever ideas strike, I immediately whip my paper and pen out and write it down.

3. Try free writing. – Yep. I write phrases, sentences, words which repetitively resound in my mind. To quit the replay, I jot it down. The free verses help me construct better and more coherent paragraphs.

4. Get away from the computer. – Uhm, this I can’t do. Well, in writing my paragraphs, using the computer works best for me. My ideas really run fast and encoding it in the computer as the words pour out of my head is the best thing to do. My brain thinks so fast that my hands hardly keep up. In other matters, maybe I should really kick my butt out of my chair and go for a walk and feel the breeze…

5. Quit beating yourself up. – Nosebleed. Please explain.

6. Take breaks. – Yes. Coffee break. Lunch break. Sem break. When I tons of things to do and I don’t know which to work on first, I take a break. A rather long one. Teehee.

7. Sing in the shower. – My brother does, ala Pavarotti. I don’t. I daydream and dance in the shower but I don’t sing. Uhm, ok. I sing and dance in the shower. 😛

8. Drink coffee. – A new discovery. I’ve been a milk drinker since Kindergarten. I recently switched to coffee after realizing that it staves off my hunger until lunch. Haha.

9. Listen to new music. – Oh yes. I listen to ‘new’ music Mondays through Saturdays, and the oldies but goodies during Sundays. Retro and New Wave music remind me of my childhood. My teenage cousin gives me my ‘new’ music doses via Bluetooth. Think Katy Perry. Hehe.

10. Be open. – In what ways? Kindly expound.

11. Surround yourself with creative people. – I do. My friends are really creative people. I have writer friends, blogger friends, photographer friends, artist friends, music friends. I have lots of friends. Haha.

12. Get feedback. – That what the comments and likes section below is for, right? I have yet to use WordPress’ Request Feedback feature for this.

13. Collaborate. – I will. In the near future. I have creative friends, remember?

14. Don’t give up. – Rest if I must but don’t I quit. Go, go, gow!

15. Practice, practice, practice. – Write. Print. Edit. Re-print. Re-edit. Print. Final draft. It pays to be an OC. Haha.

16. Allow yourself to make mistakes. – Yes. We can always erase, edit, review, reverse, modify and affirm. And be forgiven. And move on.

17. Go to somewhere new. – Yay! Travel, travel, travel. I have my list of must-go places for 2012. One by one, I know I’ll be able to tick them off. Travel really refreshes my mind and soothes my senses.

18. Count your blessings. – A new innovation in my planner: a specific spot for my Gratitude List on a daily and monthly basis. Thank you, Lord for the sprinkle of blessings here, there, and everywhere! 🙂

19. Get lots of rest. – Zzzzzz. I call in sick whenever I want to take a day off. Migraine and vertigo are always valid excuses. Hehehe.

20. Take risks. – Hmmm. This one I have yet to practice. So afraidy aguilar!

21. Break the rules. – Afraidy aguilar the second!

22. Don’t force it. – There is such a thing as Appointed Time, right?

23. Read a page of the dictionary. – A must-do. I love learning new words and using them in sentences. Whenever I don’t understand a word, I look it up and ask Merriam-Webster. Sometimes when I get lazy, I just press Shift+F7 and tadaaa: a list of synonyms and antonyms appear by Microsoft Office’ sidebar. Genius!

24. Create a framework. – Question: Is a framework the same as a dreamboard? Just asking powhz.

25. Stop trying to be someone else’s perfect. – Translation: You cannot please everyone.

26. Got an idea? Write it down. – I do this a lot. Refer to Number 1 and Number 2 above.

27. Clean your work space. – Office works pace? Check. Home work space? I’ll clean the clutter…later.

28. Have fun. – Oh yeah. All work and no play make me a dull girl. New mantra for me: Work hard. Play harder.

29. Finish something. – Must put an end to the ningas cogon slash later-or-tomorrow-or-some-other-day mentality. Sheeesh. Must finish, must do it. NOW.

Uh-huh. So there. I have said a piece of my mind for each one.

We can be more creative than a hundred and one. Let’s give these tips a shot. There’s nothing to lose trying each one out. Let’s all unleash our creative sides, dahlings.

I remain.

P.S. Commercial break: Thanks to Patty Laurel for sharing this and Tofu for creating the video. Two thumbs up! 🙂


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