Seventeen: Coffee and the Company of Pasta


I capped the day with a Tall glass of Cookies and Cream paired with Tuna Alfredo.

I was still at the office when I called up Dors and told her that I wanted to have some coffee. She declined saying that she has to catch some zzzzzs. She referred me to Bon who, according to her, invited her to jog around the Freedom Stadium. So, I called up Bon and asked him out for some beer. Sadly, he was in Naga with his contractors eating kinalas at Dayangdang.

I originally planned to drink some bottles of light beer. I’m no drinker but I just want the sound of “Tara, let’s grab some beer,” coming out of my mouth. I think it’s a wonderful sentence for asking your friends out to spend some time with you. I have used that catch sentence several times and I have yet to congratulate myself for being able to invite friends — guaranteed 100%. Hahaha.

I lay in bed and heard my phone ring. Bon called up to say that he was avaialble after work, and that Dors was already awake and was ready for some ‘shots.’ Yeah, yeah, yeah!

We agreed to meet at 7pm. I was still outside our village trying to hail a bus or jeep to bring me to Naga past 7pm. I was late. I knew Dors and Bon didn’t mind me being late. They understood. I fell asleep. ūüėõ

I was really in the mood to have some beer. But walking from the terminal to where the cafe was famished me to bits. All the calories I burned from walking about 2 kilometers were gained back after digging in the deep bowl of the pasta. Nomnomnom.

After my round of the pasta, I poured my heart out. I shared my thoughts. They listened. They shared their thoughts. I listened. Then came the plans to travel with squeezes of where to go, what to do, when to have the trip, etc. In between sips of Tanduay Ice — one red, the other white — we made plans. Well, sort of.

The babbling went on so I ordered a tall glass of Cookies and Cream to drain down the taste of creamy pasta down my throat. I wanted something sweet and the CnC had always been my favorite at the cafe. It came as a surprise that Bon didn’t want to go home yet. More blah blahs came.

At 10, we asked for our bill and drove through the well lit streets of the City Plaza. Dors was craving for barbecue and the stalls of barcbecue, isaw, balun balunan, balut, dugo, adidas, bulastog and other street foods which names I could hardly pronounce lay before our eyes. I’m no fan but tried to bite into the ¬†isaw stick Dors had. It was enough.

Then, we drove home.

I capped the day with a Tall glass of Cookies and Cream paired with Tuna Alfredo. With the walls, tables, and chairs of Coffee and Co. as the silent witness of my tears and laughter — all at the same time.

the facade of Coffee and Co

photo source

For more treats and tasty coffee, visit Coffee and Co. located at the back of DMG Building, Penafrancia Avenue, Naga City.

I remain.


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