Sixteen: Denim Jeans


It’s confeeeeeermed: I lost a few inches off my waist!! Hahaha.

Back in 2005, I was size 26. In 2007, I wore a size 28. Come 2011, I was already wearing size 33s. Holy cow! What have I done?

I ballooned because I did nothing. Literally nothing. I was a bum for a while (well actually, a long while)  so all I ever did was to eat, sleep and eat some more. I practically swaddling when I walked. All my clothes just wouldn’t fit. I resorted to wearing baggy clothes to hide all the humps and bumps. But all it did was to actually make myself appear bigger. Big, bigger, biggest!

Thanks to a number of circumstances, I managed to lose a few inches. My confirmation? The jeans I bought back in 2010 are much loser to the skin now. And the jeans I bought before that time can fit me now, again.

Two inches may not be visible to the eyes, but for me, it is a very welcome development. Though not commercial worthy (Xenical/Orlistat-ish), I am thankful I did lose some ‘fat.’ I can encourage myself to improve myself more.

I’m that happy that I would like to share this happy news with you. 🙂

I hope to shed a few more so that I could buy myself new pairs of jeans and rehash and revamp my wardrobe. This is my mission for 2012. Hahaha.

jeans, jeans, jeans and more jeans

photo source

After all, I’m just the girl in blue jeans. 🙂

I remain.


Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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