Fourteen: I’m a Barbie Girl!


I received an SMS from my Business Manager about an on-going sale at the Company for Women. At first, I was hesitant to go. I said to myself that going to the Shop will just make me all giddy with excitement to hoard all the items in the racks. But I went anyway to buy a brochure and have my friends and colleagues order from me instead.

The flight of stairs left me breathless upon reaching the door that led to the Shop. I was even more breathless when I saw the leaflet posted at the door: The items on sale included the Barbie doll — THE Barbie doll!!

I’ve always been a Barbie fanatic when I was a child. After all, who wouldn’t want Barbie to be her best friend?

The doll of my dreams!

photo source

I scrambled to open the sliding door and immediately whipped out my Shop ID.  I went over to the Account Manager and inquired if I my credit line was already active. Yes, it is. You may now look around and shop around! He happily reported. Thank you very much, I said.

I went through the revolving metal doors and looked around for Best Buys. The items on sale were pasted everywhere. And whenever I looked, I saw that picture of Barbie staring right back at me. *sweet* Oh, today, I’ll have my Barbie!¬†

I asked for the Code Number of the jewelry set I wanted as well as the other necklace I saw at the door. After which I queued up to pay for the items. There are no more Barbie dolls available, I heard someone yell from the other end of the counter. My heart was really beating fast. What?! No more Barbie doll? Sigh.

I couldn’t blame the manager for not having enough stocks of Barbie for that day. Everyone else had Barbie dolls in their baskets, trolleys, and boxes way before I got to the Shop.¬†You see, THE Barbie doll is sold by the Shop at Php 450. I thought it was pricey. I checked the price at the Mall and the price tag showed that it was being sold at Php 700+. Not quite a bargain for someone like me who is receives the minimum wage. Several brochures later, the doll’s price was lowered to Php 279. Still not a bargain. I had other bills to pay and buying a doll was just in my Wants list. I must meet my Needs list first, right?

For months, I longed for someone to buy me that Barbie doll. Even years. I’ve been wanting to have that doll for years! It was what I requested from my Papa to cure me from my Asthma. I was just seven years old then. And the seven year-old-who-wanted-that-Barbie-doll-so-much hasn’t grown up yet. It’s me. I’m still that seven year-old.

Ma’am, may I have your card, please?¬†The counter guy was staring at me questioningly. I stared back at him with a blank expression. Ma’am, may I have your card, please?¬†He repeated. Whooops! I snapped back into the reality that I was in line and it was my turn to pay for my items at the counter. Good grief! So much for daydreaming again. ūüėõ

I fumbled through my wallet and handed him my pink card. I heard a beep confirming my identity and account details. One by one he scanned through my order — three pieces of underwear, the jewelry set, and the horoscope necklace. Ma’am, you are qualified to avail of the Php 12 items on sale! He announced cheerily. I would have wanted the Barbie doll¬†but I heard there are no stocks available anymore, I confessed. The counter guy smiled and said: I have two reserved Barbies underneath my counter. Would you like to have one? He said with a smile on his face.

My eyes widened and my pout grew to a big grin.¬†Really? Can I have one please? Please? please?¬†I practically begged. I looked so silly. I was dressed as a professional adult but I was begging for a toy. I couldn’t believe myself. Haha. The counter guy was smiling.¬†Ok, yes you may! He finally answered.

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! I showered him with loud thank yous that the other counters and customers were already looking at us with question marks on their faces. Haha. He wrapped my items in a bag and the Barbie in another bag. Wow! At last! Barbieeeeeeee! I was shrieking excitedly in my mind.

Out of sheer excitement and gratefulness, I paid for the other Barbie doll that the counter guy reserved for himself. For a Php 12-worth Barbie doll, what else is there to lose? Hahaha. I was that happy! Wow! Barbieeeeeeee!  I said to myself again.

When I checked out of the shop, I was grinning from ear to ear. And, perhaps, I was singing this tune in my head:

I’m a barbie girl, in the barbie world
Life in plastic, it’s fantastic!
you can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
Imagination, life is your creation – Aqua

Barbie was my most coveted toy. She is the doll of my dreams. And today, I made my dream come true! ūüôā

I remain.


Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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