Thirteen: Friday the 13th


The first Friday the Thirteenth for this year.

The same day that I discovered the Milestone widget on WordPress.

a sample Milestone Widget

I was intending to write about something Friday the Thirteenth-y to take on the ride with all the hype that is Friday the Thirteenth.

Instead, a lightbulb struck moment again. I thought about my upcoming birthday and began Googling for a birthday countdown widget I could put in my sidebar. Surely, I was able to get one. I copied the embed code and clicked through my Dashboard. Just as I was about paste the embed code, I suddenly read MILESTONE from among the available widgets.

I quickly read through the short description then immediately clicked through the options. This is what I’m looking for! Perfect! The angels heard me again. Wuhoo! 🙂

I’m just not quite sure if I paid real attention to the news about the widget or well, I don’t know. But the widget is surely welcome for display in my sidebar. I’ll make good use of it in the future. WordPress developers are really geniuses in the truest sense of the word! 🙂

Watch for my Milestone widget in the coming months, guys. The countdown holds something really close to my heart.

I remain.


Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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