Ten: Lady


I was in 5th grade when I had my menarche.

pagka't dalaga ka na (because you're a lady now..)

photo source

I remember that day well. Being the unica hija, the whole family was delighted at the transition.

My Lola told me to go three steps from our stairs and jump from there. “That is to ensure that your ‘days’ will just be three days or shorter.” She likewise asked me to wipe my bloodied undies unto my face. To prevent pimples, she said. She also told me to refrain from eating anything sour and/or bitter, so as not to keep the blood from flowing. And being the obedient (innocent/ignorant) granddaughter that I am, I obeyed all three Commandments.

Mama likewise jumped into the menarche bandwagon. I remember that afternoon when she brought me to the Department Store to buy me ‘supplies.’ It was a whole package of Angel’s Breath soap, powder, cologne, lotion — the works! Haha. “Now that you’re a lady, you should learn to take care of yourself properly,” she reminded me.

Even Papa brought me THE hairbrush I’ve been wanting to have! Hahaha ūüôā

That fateful day changed everything. I was not able to play with my classmates and run around school like I used to. I was feeling so uneasy with the ‘bump’ that I had underneath my skirt. I was so conscious that my classmates would notice that the ‘bump’ would show! And well, nobody really believed that I was a Mademoiselle now.

It’s so long ago now.

I got acquainted with the change that took place years ago. It visits me regularly. On a monthly basis, that is. Sometimes, even twice in a month.

In the coming days, I’m expecting it to stop momentarily for 9 months and beyond. And a few more decades from today, it will stop permanently.

While we’re at it, let’s enjoy every single day when ‘the visit’ comes. It’s a Gift especially set for women like us. It sets us apart from the gentlemen in more ways than a hundred and one.

I remain.


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