Seven: Close Up Smile


To complete my New Year, I walked my way to the dental laboratory today for some ‘fitting.’

You see, I just realized that I am a ‘small’ person:

I have a small bone structure – my wrist bone is as small as a child’s.

I have small hands and small fingers – my ring size is 5.

I have small feet – I’m size 6.

I have small teeth, too.

And for that, I have two front teeth which overgrew its neighbors. The teeth beside each of my two front are really small. My gums, perhaps, anticipated that they will still grow in size. They did not.

So I have have this space between my two front teeth. And another space between its respective neighbors. I decided then to compound them together on one sweet smile by having retainers to pull them together.

gearing for a close up smile

photo source

The Dental Assistant told me to opt for the straight line retainers. According to him, the brace-looking retainers don’t push your teeth as you wish them to be pushed. Gets? Haha.

The ‘fitting’ lasted for about 10 minutes.

A pink clay-like flouride-tasting ‘cake’ was put into my mouth. Aaaaaaah. Big Mouth. Hahaha. It stayed on for about 3 minutes, or until the consistency was just enough.

I immediately rinsed out the plaster once the ‘cake’ was removed. Then I was asked to come back tomorrow for the retainers itself. How much? Only Php 500. Steal, right?

In the next few months, I’ll have this stainless steel line right across my upper chompers. I think I’ll smile some more. And well, brush my teeth as often as I could. What’s more, I’ll be discouraged from eating a lot. Pabor! Haha.

Be ready for my commercial-worthy close up smile. ūüôā

I remain.


I was advised to wear it day and night. Night and day. Eating or not.


You may contact the Dental Technican Jun Ibasco at (054)4725943. His Dental Laboratory is located at his residence at Lerma St., Naga City.


Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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