Five: In the Blue Corner


Since I ‘celebrated’ my ‘regularization’ yesterday and I’m thinking of staying in my post for a little longer time, I decided to prettify my office corner.

Yes, I do have an office corner. It’s a corner office — a literal corner office. I have this tiny nook which is about 2 by 2 meters in area in one corner of the room. Haha. It’s actually a level up from the office desk and table I used to occupy in one nook of the room.

I was asked to occupy my one nook of a medium-sized office since there was no available nook for me in the company premises. You see, I belong to another department. And actually, I’m a one-person department so I am left with no choice but to stay in the nook given to me.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m very grateful to share my nook with three (3) other ladies belonging to a different department. I share lunch and snacks and other nibbles with them. We laugh a lot about office jokes and gossip. We talk about the viral issues as we read them on Yahoo and Google. They have adopted me as a sister of their own. Tears. Haha.

So now, as a real ’employee,’ I brought some items I have at home which I rarely use and put them in my office corner. You do know I luuuuurve the color blue. I am, in fact, mad about blue. So all the items I brought in were all in blue:

a blue pen stand,

a pair of blue book ends, and

a blue picture frame.

Sadly, I have no pictures of them. No worries, though. I’ll post pics once I get my hands on my camera. I’ll just tell you more about each of them.

I got the blue pen stand from SM Sta. Ana. It was on sale then. I guess I got it for a little less than Php 50. It’s a steal since it’s color blue and the letters H-A-P-P-Y have been embedded on it. It’s made of clay and was hand painted quite remarkably colorful so I bought it.

The book ends are the ones I got from Saizen which sells ALL items at Php 85. I was on Chuvaness high when I went to Robinson’s Galleria and checked out the wasteland that is Saizen. I was not disappointed. I will go back when I can and get my hands on the cute and itsy bitsy stuff they have.

I bought the blue picture frame from Dimensione Trinoma. I think it cost me Php 199. And it has been stored in its box since 2008, I let it breathe now and decided to slip in a picture of mine taken during one of my best friend’s wedding. I’ll change the pic once I get a better photo to insert through it.

Uhm wait, did I tell you about the blue spoon case I brought to the office months earlier? It looks so much like this:

Hahaha. 😀

And so yes, my office corner is dotted with everything nice and blue.

The color blue is pleasing to the eyes. Calm and collected.

Two words I need in the workplace. 🙂

I remain.


Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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