Two: Some PUDS and I


I miss my high school friends so much.

The last time we got together was…well, I couldn’t really remember. We couldn’t really be complete in any given year because as friends, we do understand that some has to leave the comforts of our home and realize the backpacker that is within each of our souls.

Since Jaya is home from Cebu and Tina will be leaving soon for Zimbabwe, we got together for a potluck dinner.

We agreed to meet at 7pm. I reached for Tina’s dingdong bell ten (10) minutes before 7pm. Tina opened the gate for me with a bunch of keys on one hand and a wooden spoon on the other. I gave in to a welcome hug and after making sure that the gate has been properly secured, she ran towards their kitchen screaming, “Noodles!” Hahaha. I didn’t know what that was all about until I came into the house and saw Tina as she plunged into the boiling two (2) packs of pasta noodles. I helped her ‘stir the noodles occasionally’ as was said in the package directions. I had to chomp on a few noodle streaks to make sure that they were cooked just right —- al dente.

Thirty (30) minutes past 730pm and still no sign of the others, I urged Tina to heat the sauce. Hungry ka na noh? Tina asked. Oh, yes I am, I answered. So she got the heating pan and poured over the sauce that Tita Ting prepared. I stirred the sauce hot while Tina grated some cheese to top the perennial winning pasta.

The doorbell rang and I opened to see Jaya who kept on blabbering about how she reached Parkview Village which was actually already a few meters away from the house. A mushroom sprout of houses, eh. I gave her a hug and let her in.

I was really so hungry so I asked them if we could start eating already as it was almost 8pm. I was THAT hungry. My last meal was lunch at 12:15. And my tummy was already growling like mad. Haha.

While I led the Grace Before Meals, I was transferring pasta unto my plate. Tina echoed in prayer, while Jaya likewise echoed in prayer while inside the restroom. Oh Jaya, anong nginu-ngurub ngurub mo dyan? Hahaha.

I likewise gave Tina her share of the pasta and we both ended up giving to Jaya the extra noodles we had on our plate. Talagang si mga suru-sobra ang tinarao sako?! Hahaha.

We each got our places at the table laden with food — pasta, pizza, cake, iced tea. And Jaya recounted how she resigned from her job and withdrew her resignation and was therefore still employed in the company where she resigned from. Gets? Haha.

We were almost done with our ‘first round’ when Jane, with marble cake in hand, and Rissa came. Jane declared that she kidnapped Rissa from their house while Rissa, on the other hand, declared the she fetched Jane from her house. We were kinda confused with the declarations that we ended up just laughing the silly thing off.

Mely looked really harassed with work when she came with her ‘forgotten’ chicken. Hahaha. I’m a part-time call center agent nowadays plus the fact that I had to render OT today and add the fact that the holidays kept me awake day and night.¬†Poor Mely. But then, friends are always there to cheer her up.

A lot of laugh over many other small things came in between. Like how Rissa almost got all wet with her glassful of water after hoarding just too much water in her glass. Hahaha.

Cheeky came late as she was ‘caught up with something.’ At least, she got her service vehicle which could take us all home. But sorry Cheeks, no more pizza for you. Jejeje.

An overflow of topics came — some pleasantries, other rants, but most understood. We had ’round two.’

Then we tinkered with Jaya’s camera and Tina’s remote with all sorts of poses. Picture picture time! We tried hiding Lesofat-style behind the man-sized jars and Santa bears as the camera flashed here and there, and everywhere. By the end of the picture-taking, we were all sweaty and my jaws were really painful from stifling laughs.

Ah, this is celebrating Day Two of 2012.

I love my friends. We love each other for who we are.

Fat and/ or fat. Bellies and all.

I remain.

P.S. You may have noticed a lot of Hahas at every end of my paragraph. I’m way like that whenever I’m with my friends. I laugh a lot — a whole lot. And they make fun of me for laughing like mad.


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