One: The Bookworm and the Wimpy Kid


I haven’t been reading in a loooong while.

Well, except, law books which I began poring through since June of 2011 after enrolling in my review classes again.

As we drove to the Infant Jesus Memorial Park, Lil Mike showed me several pages of the book he received for Christmas. The curious cat and the reading-just-about-anything-reader that I was, I borrowed his book as soon as we got home from the Memorial.

It’s a hardbound book which featured a journal-like account complete with illustrations. It’s a actually like a comic book upped several levels. And it has earned the raves of kids and adults alike. It’s even one of the No. 1 New York Bestsellers. And it’s actually written for kids 10 and below.

Being the kid at heart and the hungry young poet that I am, I gave it a shot. Silly me, I snort at some of the childish humor. But I must admit I found myself laughing, too. Oh well, I guess, I just needed a laugh.

Here is:

The First Book I Read in 2012

So, on the First Day of 2012, I read a book.

And I could not wait to get my hands on more books this year. I think filling up my bookshelf with new books will refresh and revitalize my reader self.

This is just the start. :)

I remain.

P.S. If by any chance you have a spare book I could borrow, would you be kind enough to lend it to me?
P.S. 2. Since it’s still Christmas-tide and my birthday is in two months time, perhaps you could gift me with a book. *silly grin*

Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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