welcome me back!

Hello there! 😀

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote something here.

First, I lacked the inspiration to write.

Second, internet connection was cut.

Third, my Dell laptop went kaput and some letters in the keyboard just won’t appear even after pressing the same key several times.

But now that these minute problems have been solved, I’m soooo back!

I now have some inspiration to write and I’ll fuel it some more once I get a headstart. I need not worry about internet connection since we have our Smartbro plug it. Lastly, thank goodness for USB-connected keyboards available at CDR King, I can now type with complete letters.

Another thing, too, I ventured into blogging through my own domain at handpaintedsky.com. Sadly though, just six months into publishing, I had to restrain myself from going online and writing because I did something really important. I’ll tell you about it in my later posts.

I’m still torn though, as to whether I should still maintain my dotcom or be content with this free service from WordPress. Think, think, think. Truth be told, I have not yet reimbursed my friend who bought my domain name for me. Geez. But promise dear friend, I’ll pay you once my resources are flowing again. 😉

Meanwhile, I’m back! 😀

Keep me company as I try my hand at blogging again. Promise, I won’t fail you (and me) this time. One thing I realized when I went into hiatus from blogging is this: writing my thoughts actually keeps me sane. Blogging, for all that it’s worth, clears my mind of mental clutter. Boy, did I miss talking to myself and my invisible audience!

Question: Did you even miss me? I hope you did, too. 😉

I remain.

do what you love: no copyright infringement intended


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