Another ‘surprise’ package came Friday last week. I was poring through Labor when I heard my brother say, “Ate, package na naman..”

one girly paperbag

The paperbag came from Kotex/ Kimberly Clark Philippines. Upon seeing the mail stamps and the blue stamps on it, I immediately knew that it was sent through Mr. Postman.

I had no idea what the contents of the paperbag was. I fumbled through staple wires before I was able to finally peek inside.

stapler-happy people from Kimberly Clark 🙂

what's inside?

What I received were samples of Kotex Luxe, a product recently launched by Kimberly Clark Philippines. Kotex Luxe pads may, perhaps, be the thinnest yet most comfortable feminine pad ever introduced in the country. I guess I’ll get it to try it this coming May for those-days-of-the-month. *wink*

be-ribboned box, fuschia-pink wrapped pads

Thank you Kimberly Clark Philippines. 😀


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