Trellia Sorita Flores is Angku and Ryan’s lovely daughter. She turned one (1) last 07 April.

The celebration was held on the 10th since the 7th was a weekday. Venue was at the 49th floor of One San Miguel Avenue Building, San Miguel Ave cor Shaw Boulevard, in front of Lourdes School of Mandaluyong. Party was from 10 am to 2pm.

Would you believe that the only time I ‘saw’ Lia was when she was Mama Angku’s five-month old baby bump? That Saturday celebration was my first time to see Baby Lia in the flesh.


Lia Behbeh, as I fondly call her, is such an adorable social butterfly. The moment I saw her in the pretty little gown she had, I immediately wanted to hug her. True enough, when I offered to carry her, she opened her arms wide and smiled. Cutey baby really! Lia smelled so good. Baby smell really smells good. 🙂

I would have wanted to carry her during the party. But since she was the star, everybody else wanted to carry and have time with her. And too bad, I had to leave early for another event scheduled on the same day. Awww. I guess, I’ll just see to it that I get to see Lia as often as I could when I shuttle between Naga and Manila or she and Mama Angku gets to come and visit Pili. 😀

Congrats to Angku ang Ryan! 🙂


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