k day

27 March was supposed to be the day I would see Kris Aquino in the flesh.

I had (very) high hopes that I would finally see her. I guess some things, no matter how you want them to happen, just don’t happen to you at the precise moment you want it to happen. Gets? And some things that you really do not wish to happen to you just happens. Geez.

I waited for hours by the chapel of UNC just to see her. Good thing, Joann patiently waited with me (Thanks Jo). I wanted to see Kris. Jo wanted to see James Yap.

While we waited, Jo’s phone rang. Regina was on the other end of the line.

Jo: Hello Liz, asan ka? Dito kami sa UNC.

Regina: Avenue Plaza ako Jo. Nag-march na sina Lynx. Magpapagupit lang ako sa David’s, then  balik din ako ADNU. Guess who kung sino nakita ko? Si Kris Aquino!!

Jo: Heh! Eto si Deo, sya inggitin mo! (passing the phone to me)

Me: Hello Liz, talagang tumawag ka para mang-inggit?! Kainis ka!!

Regina: Hehe. Kinawayan ako ni James Yap!

Me to Joann: Oi Jo, kinawayan daw ni James Yap si Liz. (biglang nag-sad face si Jo)

Me to Liz: O eto si Jo, sya inggitin mo. Hmp.

Regina and Jo continued talking. I fumbled through my bag and pretended to be busy with my cellphone. Joann put her phone down a while later.

At about 4pm, the graduates formed their lines in preparation for their graduation march. To me, it was a signal that Kris and her party where near. The crowd began to thicken and were up and about, ready to catch a glimpse of Kris. Cameras were readied and yellow ribbons were tied around the trees and posts surrounding the university. At 5 pm though, there was still no sign of Kris.

At 6pm, the sound of a siren filled my ears. Then policemen in big bikes came broom-brooming into the university’s gate. The pick up where Mayor Jesse Robredo came next. A big and burly black heavily-tinted pick up followed. The windows were down, and yes, there was Kris Aqunio! The car went speeding right through me – all I saw was Kris Aquino’s left profile, she making the ‘laban’ sign. Sheesh. That was all I saw.

Frustrated, I instantly felt hungry after that. Good thing, Regina came a little later with her bag filled with the food and water we requested. I tried to munch away the disappointment I felt with V-Cut and Mr. Chips, and tried washing way with water the lump of sadness I had in my throat. I felt much better afterwards.

I contented myself with seeing her vision from afar as she delivered her speech. And watched for a few minutes more as she handed diplomas and medals to the Academic Awardees.

This was the nearest I could get to a Kris Aquino.

Well what can we do? Regina was not keen or actually did not care whether who-the hell was in Naga, and yet, the opportunity to see the two persons we were waiting for landed right on her lap. The chance Joann and I wanted to have tremendously (desperately?) was given to Regina without her asking for it. Sigh. Life can really be cruel sometimes.

Well, at least I saw her silhouette. And this two-colored baller:

in Joann's favorite color

in my favorite color

Out of pure disappointment (sadness, perhaps), I didn’t want to go home yet. So upon Joann’s invitation, we proceeded to Ateneo de Naga and watched and waited as Lynx and a hundred other graduates took their Pledge of Loyalty.

the graduate

with other graduates

Seeing Lynx with the other graduates hosed down the sinking feeling I had inside. After all the picture-taking, we (Jo, Lynx and I) all jumped into Regina’s car and went to have a graduation feast. I tried to capture Avenue Square’s observance of the Earth Hour from where I was seated at Yellow Cab.

Note to self: must save up for a DLSR. 🙂

So yeah, that was my K Day. Well, K Lang Day actually.

ps. Note to self no. 2: Some things are just not meant to be.


4 thoughts on “k day

  1. seriously, kris? the most obnoxious, annoying and irritating “actress” of our generation?

    and noynoy, seriously? i would vote for anyone else to win rather than someone who is riding on the achievements of mama and papa. at least the other candidates have proven their worth.

    i don’t even want to start with hacienda lusisita murders and agrarian reform…

    oh well, just shooting the sht..opinyon lang boss:D


  2. yes kris. the straight forward, bordering on tactless, kris. 🙂
    gibo = galing + talino;
    villar = sipag + tiyaga
    aquino = mama + papa + kris

    hahaha.actually, none of the presidential candidates have passed my ‘presidential standrads.’ i’m voting for noy kesa i don’t vote at all. 🙂

    opinions/ comments/ reactions are welcome. 🙂

    p.s. balik ako ng may. sana naman magka-reunion na ang mga pagc opismeyts ko nyan. 😀


  3. [let’s vote for Gibo! haha. my relatives and parents are for Noy, Nino’s parents are for Villar. we’re very colorful. hehe. 🙂 ]

    i missed reading your blog Dey! glad to be back on track. don’t worry, matagal tagal pa ang election, marami ka pang makikita kay Kris. and who knows if Noy wins this year, mas madalas nating makikita at mapapakinggan si Kris. 🙂


    • haha. we have such a colorful election talaga. haha 😀
      thank you for patronizing my blog liz. haha. dito ko lang naise-share yung mga nangyayari sa buhay ko. haha. ang saya!!! 😀


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