The stars said it.

So I’m off to the beach today.

Wuhoo! 😀


4 thoughts on “horoscope

  1. hey Deo!!! 🙂 Pisces ka rin pala! yahoooo! aren’t we special? hahaha.

    wow, which beach are you off to? don’t forget your shades and sunblock! have fun!


    • ay, you din?! hahaha. we are so very very special. awwww!
      blue lagoon resort in pasacao beach lizzie. with papa christian’s family. yebah! 😀

      di ba you miss pasacao? stay tuned for pics 🙂


    • ah. aquasces? haha 🙂
      nice place din liz. though brown yung sand, so friendly sa pocket yung rates. from what i know, kina diana padillo yung resort. i’m just not sure kung till now, oo pa. 🙂



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