the bar

there will be new lawyers today. so the manila says:

Results of the 2009 Bar examinations will be released by the Supreme Court on Friday this week, a well-placed source of The Manila Times said over the weekend.A total of 6,080 law graduates took this year’s examinations over four Sundays of September at De La Salle University (DLSU) in Manila. Because of Typhoon Ondoy, however, the tests for Remedial Law and Legal and Practical Exercises were conducted on the first Sunday of October.

Supreme Court Justice Antonio Eduardo Nachura was the chairman of the 2009 Committee on the Bar Examinations.

The 2009 Bar examinations pioneered the two examiners per subject rule in each of the eight test subjects. This rule saw an examination subject divided into two parts, with the examiners each assigned a specific scope.

In February 2008, the Supreme Court, upon recommendation of the Committee on Legal Education and Bar Matters, approved a proposal of lawyer Ma. Cristina Layusa, the Deputy Clerk of Court and Bar Confidant, to designate two examiners per Bar subject, pursuant to Paragraph 4, Part B of Bar Matter 1161.

On April 3, 2009, a total of 1,310 out of the 6,364 examinees, representing 20.58 percent of the total number of examinees from 108 law schools nationwide, passed the 2008 Bar examinations held also over four Sundays of September 2008 at DLSU.

The Rules of Court provide that “a candidate may be deemed to have passed his examination successfully if he has obtained a general average of 75 percent in all subjects without falling below 50 percent in any subject.”

In determining the average, subjects in the examinations are given relative weights: Political and International Law, 15 percent; Labor and Social Legislation, 10 percent; Civil Law, 15 percent; Taxation, 10 percent; Mercantile Law, 15 percent; Criminal Law, 10 percent; Remedial Law, 20 percent; and Legal Ethics and Practical Exercises, 5 percent, for a total of 100 percent.

The first Bar examinations were held in 1901, with 13 examinees. The highest grade, 96.7 percent, was notched in the 1954 examinations.

which reminds me, there are only 169 days before the 2010 bar examinations. 😀


5 thoughts on “the bar

    • thanks liz. 🙂
      i need prayers..lots of ’em. haha.
      seriously, yes. prayers for enlightenment and you know, specifically asking for a Roll Number for me. *misty-eyed*

      thanks lizzie. i’m so excited to see you and kiti-kiti inside your tummy. *hugs*


  1. btw, this post is false alarm pala. according to my sources, only 17% of the examinees passed and the supreme court is now huddling together to decide whether or not to increase the passing percentage by lowering the passing grade..hmmm..

    ‘shadow of doubt’ by maritess vitug is a must-read talaga..


  2. ano yung roll number? sorry, don’t have any legal language background.

    loads of prayers coming your way Dey!!! 🙂

    haha, matagal pa yung kiti kiti. sabay lang sa exams mo. kaya sige doble prayers for you and the little one. *hugs*

    exercise should help with the studying? (haha, I read that somewhere)


    • hmm. where license:teachers, doctors, nurses, engineers; roll number:lawyers 🙂
      ay oo, sabay kami ni kiti kiti due this september. huwaw! sabay kami magpe-pray niya 😀
      sabi ng kapatid ko kanina, “‘Te, gym tayo.” hahaha. sweet.
      sabi ko na lang, walking/ jogging na lang tayo sa may Marcos stadium.
      start kami after Holy Week 😀


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