premiere night

I always dreamt of attending a premiere night. I did not know that it was bound to happen that soon. Sure enough, when you put something in your heart knowing that you really want it, the universe will conspire to make that dream of yours come true.

I was ecstatic one Monday night when I received a text from a staff of Star Cinema, saying that I had free invite to the Premiere Night of Miss You Like Crazy. It was what I really dreamt of.

Come Tuesday night, I showered and got ready with my mini-dress and tight jeans ensemble. Conts and I hailed a taxi on the way to Megamall. We did not want to risk showing up late for our call time, much less look ngarag at the premiere.

At exactly six pm (in my watch), we were at the Megamall, hurrying our way up to the third floor where the Cinemas were located. We were instructed to be at the Star Cinema balloon arc to claim our tickets. Ms. K who was in purple that night handed to us our tickets and told us to stay at some little corner of the ticket booth. I inspected our tickets. Gosh. Premiere night tickets are huge pala, like a mini-poster of the movie.

showing off my tickets

We waited standing for about forty-five minutes by the fans line before we were told to come and walk the red carpet. Huwaat?Walk the red carpet? My mind was racing. Baka ma-tv kami. I was beaming. Conts, on the other hand, was nervous hesitant. Maybe because she did not want to be seen on tv wearing her Accenture shirt (especially since she had to skip half-day of her shift just to watch the premeire with me. Ssshhhh). Well, we had to walk the red carpet – it was a Red Carpet Premiere after all. 🙂

we walked the red carpet

After the red carpet walk, we had to wait by the hotdog stand. One of our companions had to surrender her digital camera to the security, while the others had to go to the comfort room. Conts took time to go to the comfort room, too. As I was standing by the door, a pretty lady approached me and extended her hand, “Hi! I’m Ms. B from Tourism Malaysia. You’re D, right?” Amazing! She pronounced my name correctly! I likewise extended my hand, and said “Yes.” I was star struck! She was really pretty. “Umm, where’s your husband? Or boyfriend pa lang?” She asked. “Umm, no, he’s not yet my husband. Boyfriend pa lang. He’s not here.” I replied still smiling. In fact, I was smiling from ear to ear. “Well, good luck! Enjoy the movie” Ms. B said. “Thank you,” I replied. My smile has not faded when Conts came right out of the door. “Conts, look oh.” I said, showing her my goose bumps. The night has just started and I’m really feeling good. 🙂

There were assigned seats for us, third row from the wide screen. Nyark. Baka maduling tayo dito. I remarked.

conts and i enjoying out third row seats

third row seats

That particular night was my first hand experience of how fans clubs show their support – with matching identical shirts, banners, ear-splitting screams, the works! I could only smile observing them. I’m a fan, too but not as diehard/ hardcore as they are. They seem to be the type na makikipag patayan pag inapi ang idol nila. Me? I can’t and I won’t. Nyahaha.

So as not to bore the audience, the Star Cinema staff prepared some games. Likewise, the staff regularly reminded the crowd that cameras are not allowed within the moviehouse. Agents of the Optical Media Board were said to be in the area.

We had not eaten dinner when we left Boni. To ward off hunger, Conts bought hotdog sandwiches for us. She ate her sandwich while we waited. I did not eat mine. I couldn’t. I was that excited. Our other companions even brought Jollibee chicken and rice meal and ate with much gusto. Eating really did not appeal to me (at that moment). I was so excited and I just can’t hide it! 🙂

Erik Santos sang the theme song of the movie, live. In fairness, he’s gwapo and there was no trace of being bading at all when you get to see him in person. In fairness, too, his voice was really good. The singing voice we hear on the radio has the same quality hearing him sing live. This only goes to show that he really has a good voice and no amount of ‘decorations’ are necessary when he records songs for his albums. *clap clap*

erik santos singing live

erik santos

The supporting cast came next. This included Ina Feleo, Jane Oneiza, Maricar Reyes, Sylvia Sanchez, and Bembol Roco. Maricar is really so pretty in person.

support cast

Apart from the cast, there were other celebrities present. I got a glimpse of Pia Magalona, Anne Curtis (who, by the way is way prettier than Bea Alonzo), Sam Milby, Aiza Seguerra, Ketchup Eusebio, and four of the Big Five of the recently concluded Pinoy Big Brother Double Up – Melai, Jason, Tibo and Johan (Paul Jake wasn’t there).  ABS-CBN bigwigs Cory Vidanes and Charo Santos-Concio were likewise present. Gretchen Baretto and Angelica Panganiban were supposedly there, too but I did not see them. Sayang.

The moment I was waiting for was when, at last, Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz(!!!) came in together with Isaac Hans and Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina. The crowd went wild!

isaac, bea, john lloyd, direk cathy

Notwithstanding the presence(?) of OMB agents, cameras clicked here and there. There were flashes of light everywhere. Not minding decorum, the fans club fans wildly screamed and put out their banners blocking everybody else’s view of the stars. I had to take off my sandals and stand on my seat to take a good look at John Lloyd only and the rest. The screams died down at last when each of the stars took turns thanking everybody ‘for the outpouring of support, blah blah.’ Hay, as expected, I was in my star struck state again. I couldn’t talk. I could only smile and look lovingly at JLC. Sigh.

After their thank you’s, the stars proceeded to take their seats at the Balcony, err Premiere side. The lights dimmed, and the movie rolled on.

The movie took about two hours to finish. No, hindi kami naduling. Our seats were in fact, perfect. In the middle of scenes in the movie, the audience would react with ooohs and aaahs, teasing, screams, and applause. Now, i know the significance of the batos.

When the movie was over, only then did I realize that the cinema was jampacked with people. There were those standing, there were those seated along the aisles. That was how much passion there was in seeing the movie during the Premiere Night. I was (very) lucky to have been given those big tickets and sure seats. The artistas made their respective graceful exits. The masang tao had to queue for the exit door. And yes, there was the camera and the mic complete with spotlight. You know, that type we see on tv where moviegoers give a short testimonial about the movie. Yup, you guessed it right: “Ang ganda! Manood kayo! Nakakain-love si John Lloyd at Bea!” Conts and I avoided the crew who was shooting it. In my mind though, I was composing my own line just in case I was asked to share my testi. Well, just in case. Haha 🙂

one final red carpet moment before heading home

We were thankful that there was no line at Megamall’s taxi bay. It made me think that those who watched the premiere had their own cars. Wow. Hindi pala masa lang ang nanood. May mga sasakyan!

I was still in cloud nine when we reached our Boni home. And it was the only time I felt hunger pangs and reached for the cup noodles Conts prepared for me (how sweet). I was still so hungry that I looked for the hotdog sandwich Conts bought during the movie. Bliss! I slept so soundly that night. And I know I was smiling in my sleep. *smile*

You know what? I decided not to watch the movie again here in Naga. I do not want the feeling of the Premiere Night to be erased in my memory, that’s why. Aww. 🙂

“Miss You Like Crazy! Now on its third week!”


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