bee day

my most special day every year is my birthday. i turned 28 this year.

03 march: i celebrated the last few hours  of being twenty-seven and the first few hours of being twenty-eight. 🙂

after feasting over pizza and pasta

the clock struck 12 am. i’m 28. cheers!

04 march: my birthday. since my day falls on a weekday, i stayed at home.

pizza, chicken popsicles and tuna spaghetti by me.

06 march: birthday blowout. lunch at home. mama did all the cooking, i did the other preparations. 🙂

menu: corn soup, adobo with ampalaya, menudo con keso, nabua laing, steamed rice, fresh ripe mangoes

my birthday cake

birthdays do come only once a year, and for each and every year, my birthday is my ‘mandatory happy day.’

way beyond the 3-part celebration, i was simply happy. i felt all the love, love, love from people who make my world such a better place to live in. my fb wall flooded with greeting and my phone beeped incessantly throughout the day.

happy birthday to me!



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