i’m turning 28 this year.

i’ll gift myself with this:

i’ll use my bdj coupon to get a discount 🙂

if you’d like to have one too, check out to order.

ps. or this?

photoshop in a bottle?

i got a good review from a blogger named phoebe and is now raving about it.

me asks: which gift to give myself? me answers: pwede both? 🙂

p.s. or this?

3-inch open-toe ankle booties

i got a glimpse of these footsies from the january issue of the cosmopolitan philippines magazine. i got a better look here.

me talking to self again: so ano na? think think think.


4 thoughts on “kikay

  1. i vote for the make up brush set ant the shoesies!!! 🙂

    anong anti wrinkle? wala pakong nakikitang wrinkles sayo noh. haha, splash splash cold water lang pag kelangan pampagising! 🙂

    just my vote. :p

    happy luxury buying!


    • haha. mga next month na lang ako bili ng make up tool kit. lagi naman ako sa bahay, kaya ba’t ako magme-make up? haha
      i checked the shoesies. they’re out of stock na daw. 😦
      meron ako liz wrinkles, sa under eye. hehe. bunga nang kadramahan na ‘crying myself to sleep.’ dating dati pa yun. haha.

      thank you sa votes 😀


    • yup yup. will get the brush set. 🙂
      but the shoes are out of stock na daw. 😦
      haha. anti-wrinkle? it works daw eh. sige na nga, pag 30 ko na lang. ahahaha 😀


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