from wnp to mnl

Day 1/2 – Saturday

2 am. Mc Donalds Villa Escudero

I ordered the cheeseburger-fries-coke  combo. Cheekay had burger mcdo and fries. We rode the same batch with Mars, one of our batch mates from high school. Mars had fries. As it was hot and humid outside, we stayed inside McDo and did some chika.

After the chikahan, we proceeded to the Ale who was selling cup noodles outside McDo. Isarog Lines buses are really cold. Mapapa-brrrrr ka. Cheekai bought a cup to counter the chilly feeling. We were still making chika on our way to the bus only to see that Manong Driver was already strapped with his seatbelt. Mahali na po? I asked. The driver nodded and we climbed up the bus. Shortly after we took our seats, the bus started moving. Nyek. Kami na lang pala hinihintay.

As the driver turned the lights off, Cheekay ate her cup noodles in the dark. I engulfed myself in deeper darkness as I put my eye mask on and my hood over my head. I proceeded with my zzzzzzzs…

We were supposed to get down at the SM Megamall stop.

Me: Cheeks, Megamall na (with my hand on her lap).

Cheekai: (Half asleep) Di pa, maga-Alabang pa yan.

Me: Nag-Alabang na kanina, umilaw na.

Cheekai: (As the SM Megamall signage passed through) Oo nga noh? Haha. Di bale, sa next stop na lang tayo.

Me: Baka Araneta na ang next stop nito.

Cheeks: Ewan ko lang. (I’m not sure.)

We were both suppressing laughter as the Isarog bus took a right turn at the corner of Socorro St., right at the SeaOil gasoline station. Araneta na nga. Hahaha We declared in unison.

Lesson learned: Don’t overeat while in transit. It will make you groggy and sleepy. Most likely, you will miss your stop.

As it was only 5am, the sky and the streets were still dark. Mars said she had to wait for the sun before she travels her way to her Aunt’s house. We decided to keep her company and stayed at Jollibee-Ali Mall without ordering anything. So the endless chikahan continued. It was a fun chikahan. We were updated of this and that, of who’s who and who’s not, and which is which. We said our goodbyes at almost 8am when we parted ways at Gateway.

mars, me, cheekai

Lesson learned: It doesn’t matter if you miss your stop. It’s always a blessing in disguise.

We took the MRT to the Boni Avenue station. Took another jeep ride, reached our destination, knocked on the door, climbed up the room, and took our zzzzzzzs again.

My MNL weekend trip has just started. 😀


Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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